Madrid, Apr 3 (EFE) .- Citizens cling to the 5 percent goal and enter the Madrid Assembly to be able to survive on the national board because, if they do not succeed, and it is not easy at all, according to the polls, Inés Arrimadas’ party would suffer the same fate as UPYD, its centrist predecessor in politics.

The decline of Cs that began with the debacle of 10N, at the hands of Albert Rivera, when it dropped 46 seats and went from 56 to ten, was exacerbated by the Catalan elections, in which it lost twenty representatives (from 26 to six) and ended with a failed motion in Murcia due to three orange defectors, which opened an unprecedented internal crisis.

If Madrid loses the trump card, Ciudadanos could soon become the third centrist party of democracy with parliamentary representation to disappear from the political scene.

But if he manages to resist on May 4 in Madrid, he will be able to have a respite, although staying in the Assembly will cost him, as the polls predict, which even the most favorable question whether he will get that 5 percent necessary.

A percentage that would give it between 6 and 7 seats since Podemos, in the last regional elections of May 26, 2019, entered the Madrid chamber with seven deputies and 5.56 percent of the votes.

Although it would be a disaster in any case after having 26 seats and 19.42 percent of the votes, it would save the situation and, at best, they could even be key, according to some of the polls, which pose a scenario in the that the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, needs the oranges and Vox again to govern.

And that is the candidate of Cs, Edmundo Bal, trying to juggle so that he does not miss votes for the right, which is where his voters feel most comfortable.

Hence, he is insisting so much that they will not agree with the socialists and Podemos, but without clarifying whether he would reach an agreement with Ángel Gabilondo in the event that they only needed the orange votes to govern, something that is quite unlikely.

And in this scenario we now see Ciudadanos, just two years after having had the possibility of entering Moncloa with Pedro Sánchez and with a very comfortable absolute majority, which Rivera refused to negotiate, and after staying less than one tenth of exceeding the Popular Party.

A dilapidated patrimony to which above has been added the decrease in territorial power by losing at a stroke two of the four communities in which they co-governed with the PP: Murcia and Madrid.

That is where the trickle of charges leaks began – a fortnight – although there have been a few who have jumped on the bandwagon, especially in the Madrid Assembly, who have communicated their departure amid criticism of the “sanchista” strategy of Inés Arrimadas when they were no longer deputies.

The loss of greatest impact has been that of the coordinator of the Valencian Community Toni Cantó, signed by the PP for his Madrid candidacy in position number five, a leader who had been discreetly complaining about the management for months, but as a result Of the bad results of the Catalans he raised his voice and decided to leave after the fiasco of the Murcian operation.

It was not a great surprise for the orange leadership that he left the party or that he ended up in the PP because he had already been applauding Ayuso’s decisions through his social networks for a while, but the way he has done it has hurt them.

Another of the leaks that has caused them much discomfort has been that of Senator Fran Hervías, a key piece of Rivera’s team, and who since Arrimadas took the reins has been maneuvering against Ciudadanos.

In fact, the management believes that it was behind the operation so that the three Murcian deputies of Cs changed sides once they signed the motion of censure.

Added to all this is the lower visibility they will have in the Senate because they will no longer have their own group. Hervías’s march is joined by two other senators, who have switched to the Mixed Group.

They also lose a seat in Congress (now they are left with nine) due to the departure of one of the deputies to the Mixed.

At the moment it seems that they have managed to contain the escape and that for now they have dodged the feared rout to the PP -seven charges have gone to Casado’s party- but the test they have to face on May 4 is very complicated and will determine if Citizens resist or falls definitively to the precipice.

Alicia lopez

(c) EFE Agency

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