Cinemas, lounges, gyms and casinos to close in NL

Due to 4 indicators of the state traffic light in red and the increase in people hospitalized for covid-19 in Nuevo León, the government in the entity declared closures all week to gyms, event rooms, cinemas and casinos, among other turns.

Further, all non-essential activities They can only operate from Monday to Saturday and until 20:00.

Supermarkets they will close on Sundays and they will remain open from Monday to Saturday only for sale of food and cleaning supplies, as well as butchers, patisseries, bakeries and hardware stores.

The bars, canteens, billiards, horse races, clubs, stadiums, nurseries, face-to-face classes, children’s party rooms, concerts, bowling alleys, wrestling and boxing, the rent of fifths, will remain closed. and public park squares are not authorized.

Event halls will also be closed every day, as will sports clubs, gyms, spas, museums, theaters, casinos, cinemas, circuses, exhibitions and conferences.

While shopping centers, shoe stores, furniture stores, department stores, clothing stores, and customer service center will be open from Monday to Saturday and closing at 8:00 p.m.

Like mobile markets, restaurants, convenience stores, churches, houses of worship, warehouses, and pantheons.

The measures come into effect at the end of the press conference, explained Manuel de la O Cavazos.

In the last report of the year on the state traffic light of Nuevo León for economic reactivation, with data from week 51, it was reported that 4 of the 10 indicators closed in red, that is, at maximum risk, sFrom the average of positive cases per day, the comparison of pneumonia, the percentage of positive tests and the daily average of deaths, those who were placed at maximum risk.

In addition, 2 indicators were located in orange, the two referring to bed occupancy, both those for covid patient care and intensive therapy.

As well as one in yellow, the average of daily tests carried out, and 3 in green, the installed capacity to carry out tests, the transmission rate and the comparison of respiratory diseases.

Week 51 of the year spanned from December 20 to 26, but for the average number of daily cases, the percentage of positive tests and those carried out from the 13th to the 26th of the last month of the year.

This is how the 10 indicators of the state traffic light of the economic reactivation of week 51 remained:

1.- Occupancy of beds for covid patients, in orange, with 70 percent.

2.- Occupancy of covid intensive care beds, in orange, with 58 percent.

3.- Installed capacity for daily tests, in green, with at least a thousand a day.

4.- Average of new cases, in red, with 584.

5.- Transmission rate (Rt), in green, with .93.

6.- Growth of respiratory diseases, in green, with zero percent.

7.- Growth of pneumonia, in red, with 53 percent.

8.- Average of daily tests carried out, in yellow, with 880

9.- Percentage of positive tests, in red, with 50 percent.

10.- Average number of deaths from covid, in red, with 32 per day.

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