Ciccone case: prosecutors again asked that Amado Boudou return to prison after confirmation of the sentences

Former Vice President Amado Boudou
Former Vice President Amado Boudou

Prosecutors Guillermina García Padín and Marcelo Colombo They rejected today the proposals of the defense of Amado Boudou to maintain the house arrest after the confirmation of the sentences in the Ciccone case by the Supreme Court. In an opinion of 34 pages, to which he had access Infobae, highlighted that the former vice president “Is in good general health” and that the protection of their children is guaranteed. Now judge Daniel Obligado should decide.

The opinion also highlights that since April, when Boudou was released from prison with a resolution from the same magistrate, “the Federal Penitentiary Service has carried out innumerable measures and protocols regarding prevention and assistance in order to safeguard the health of inmates. , prison staff and other people who are under the orbit of that security force ”.

Additionally, prosecutors argued that Boudou’s children may be in the care of their mother, the former Mexican deputy Mónica García de la Fuente, who “takes full care of them.” Regarding that situation, they added that The evidence provided “does not allow us to suspect a future situation of helplessness or lack of protection for the children before the arrest in prison of the named”.

It so happens that one of the arguments used in April by the Obligado judge to grant him house arrest was that Boudou’s wife was alone and had no help to take care of her two twin children.

The prosecutors did not agree. “The actions in the present incident, which have been extensively detailed, show that minors are contained from the emotional and material point of view, they have the solid care and accompaniment of their mother; The family group has income that allows it to cover, without any difficulty, all the housing, food, sanitary, and educational needs; and they have the accompaniment and support of a network of family, friends and relatives ”, the opinion details.

The children’s ombudsman representing the interests of Boudou’s two twin children had expressed in favor of the domiciliary. “When solving this case, it is necessary for the Judges to repair that house arrest must be maintained for the benefit of the children involved to ensure that the Best Interest is guaranteed that protects them and so that Mr. Boudou can fulfill their parental obligations ”, said the defender Marcelo Helfrich, that coordinates the Functional Unit for the Assistance of Minors under 16 years of age.


At the beginning of December, the Supreme Court rejected all the appeals presented in the Ciccone case and signed the sentence of 5 years and 10 months for Amado Boudou who had handed down an oral court in 2018. The former vice president has been serving house arrest since April: It started in an apartment in the Barracas neighborhood and then asked permission to move to a house in Avellaneda.

In recent days, the Obligado judge ordered various reports on the three convicts who are serving their sentences at their homes. In the case of Núñez Carmona and Nicolás Ciccone, he requested two medical meetings to update his health status.

With those results in hand, the magistrate yesterday ran a hearing to the prosecutors to be issued on the house arrest of the three convicts.

In the case of Nicolás Ciccone -who is 88 years old and was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison- prosecutors did not hesitate to request that the benefit be maintained. “From the new reports incorporated, it is obvious that Nicolás Ciccone is still older than 70 years, with two years more than those taken into account by the court to grant his house arrest, and continues to carry the same health status evaluated by the court at the time of adapting his sentence to the special and extraordinary regime that the firmness of the sentence also made firm, “they recommended in a brief opinion of five pages.

(Adrián Escandar)
(Adrián Escandar)

Regarding Nuñez Carmona, who is living in Mar del Plata with his mother, prosecutors said today that there is a lack of elements to decide on his situation and requested more information. “The elements that are available to express an opinion on the merits of the incident are insufficient. Thus, it is unavoidable to determine that to date the decisive elements that the case requires for Núñez Carmona to execute the prison sentence at his home as his defense intends, and for this it remains to have the opinion of the penitentiary authority ” says the opinion.

Specifically, they requested that the Health Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service prepare a report regarding the possibility of housing Núñez Carmona, having his pathologies and the treatment he requires. Boudou’s partner suffers heart failure, he underwent angioplasty and had two stents placed. He also suffers from hypertension.

That file will take several days but in the case of Boudou, the judge would already be in a position to resolve, although he only has one business day before the fair. “It’s unpredictable”, They repeat in Courts when defining the Obliged judge.

If it is not defined during the January fair, the case will go to another judge because Obligado’s subrogation expires on January 31. From that moment on, he will be replaced by Judge Ricardo Basílica, member of TOF 1.

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