Christmas joy and hope: doctors danced and celebrated COVID-19 patients with piñatas in Gto

Health personnel of the Apaseo el Ato Community Hospital celebrated Christmas with their COVID-19 patients

Staff of the Apaseo el Alto Community Hospital, in Guanajuato, celebrated Christmas with their coronavirus patients, they read them a hopeful letter where they reiterated that despite the difficult situation they are not alone.

In the video shared by the Ministry of Health Health personnel, including doctors, nurses, and even fellow quartermasters, are shown dancing to a joyous melody Christmas to make their day.

Also, in another video, Dr. Daniel Díaz, State Secretary of Health, showed the moment when they broke a piñata with a patient in the COVID-19 area, all to make them pass joy and hope in this difficult situation.


Guanajuato returned to red traffic light in the middle of Christmas

He Guanajuato government made the decision to turn red at the epidemiological traffic light, given the increase in the number of coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths caused by coronavirus.

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The measure will take effect from this Friday December 25 to January 10, same status will remain in entities such as State of Mexico, Morelos, Mexico City and Baja California, therefore non-essential activities were suspended.

With the exception of Morelos, in the rest of the entities listed above, its hospital occupancy is greater than 65% in both general beds. Mexico City registers the lowest proportion of available beds, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

Daniel Alberto Díaz Martínez, Secretary of Health of Guanajuato, explained that the decision was made in light of “the trend of increasing hospitalizations, mortality, due to the percentage of positivity of the virus in the taking of samples, this is an absolutely necessary action to stop the chain of infections in the state”.


The authorities called on the population to wear face masks, wash their hands frequently, avoid going out, respect a healthy distance, and do not hold meetings. Another of the measures that will be applied in the 46 municipalities is the closure of canteens, nightclubs, clubs, bar areas in restaurants and hotels.

The sale of alcohol was determined to be suspended at 8:00 p.m. in commercial establishment with restaurant business.

The capacity allowed in beauty salons, spas, gyms and sports clubs will be 30 percent.

In parks, gardens, avenues, sports clubs, casinos, spas, recreational parks, centers of worship, the allowed capacity will be 20% and citizens are also requestedavoid the patron saint festivities, not pilgrimages and avoid massive activities.

Essential activities like industry and food sales will be able to continue operating regularly, in the case of this last item, they can only provide take away service.

Sanitary measures are indicated in a press release that will be reinforced in shops, self-service stores, squares and shopping centers.

The public transportation service will not be suspended, nor will it reduce the number of bus routes and vehicles, which will be able to operate with up to 70% of their capacity.


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