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Christiane Endler, the Chilean goalkeeper who drives PSG fans crazy

Christiane Endler has become a benchmark in women’s football, thanks to her great performances with the Chilean National Team and Paris-Saint Germain.

A few days ago, the goalkeeper excelled in the UEFA Champions League, where her team qualified for the semi-finals of the tournament, after beating Olympique Lyonnais.

Precisely, Endler was the figure of the match, especially because of the save he had at the end of the match, which earned him the classification to PSG.

Christiane Endler, the surprising Chilean goalkeeper of PSG

His great performance made the Parisian fans go crazy, who look with pride as their goal is protected by the South American.

Christiane arrived in France in 2017, where she has matured as a footballer, to the degree of being a benchmark for the team.

In addition, their intention is to be crowned in the Champions League, and thus give PSG their first continental title, since they have lost in two Finals, in the 2014-15 Season and the 2016-2017 Season.

Golden generation

Endler is not only shining in Europe, since a few weeks ago he helped the Chilean National Team to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

With this, the goalkeeper is part of the first generation that achieves the pass to the summer fair, so the Andean women will have the opportunity to fight for a medal.

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Christiane is the captain of the South American team; in fact, her teammates see her as an example of improvement, so this feat leaves her as a historical player.

“We are very happy and happy, we were very excited that we were going to achieve it. It was a super tough game, difficult, we knew it was going to be like that; Maybe we let them play a lot, but the goal was achieved. This changes a bit what we had in mind for the future, I imagine that the Federation already has planned what comes from here on. It is three months to prepare, but I am sure that we will do our best to represent Chile well.

“We are super proud to be the first collective team to qualify for the Olympic Games. We think that we can be a precedent for the future, and that other generations have the possibility of working well and classifying this highest level. We know that in Tokyo we will be more women than men, and we are showing that Chilean women are strong, capable, athletic and can achieve everything they set their minds to ”.

Christiane Endler, goalkeeper of the Chilean National Team

Fashionable in France

Her great performances under the arc have her in the sights of everyone in France. Even the French fashion magazine, L’Officiel, highlighted the great qualities of the Chilean on its cover, who is even nicknamed in Europe as the best goalkeeper in the world.

However, Endler is aware that the labels do not speak for themselves; On the contrary, she has to keep working hard to earn the nickname of being the best goalkeeper in the world.

“For me it is very important to be a person of integrity, honesty, an example for the rest through my work. The effort that comes with being where I am. Today I enjoy the day to day and I take advantage of every moment, because you never know when it may end.

“I take it as a recognition of my work. Not only because of the years that I have been practicing this sport, but also because of everything I have left to be here. I do not know if I am the best in the world, but I do know that I have worked harder than anyone to achieve it. All the struggles are important, but I keep that ‘I am a woman and I can do whatever I want, in all kinds of things’. If I want to be a footballer, I can do it ”.

Christiane Endler, guardameta del Paris-Saint Germain

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