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Chocolate colored hair, the 2021 trend you should know

This season, trends indicate a return to nature in the world of beauty, so the Chocolate colored hair will be one of the most desired by dark-skinned girls, since in addition to providing volume and dimension, it is perfect for creating lighting effects that give shine and movement to your hair. Here we tell you which are the techniques that best suit you to change your look this season.

Chocolate colored hair: techniques to maintain a natural look

Chocolate hair

Chocolate hair has gained popularity for its natural look. One of the most popular ways among celebrities to wear this color is to combine warm and cool tones to achieve hair with greater dimension and movement. To ensure that you are using the proper technique, consult a professional colorist first who can guide you on the appropriate shades for your skin tone.

Dirty brunette

This effect is born from the hair dirty blonde which refers to the natural shades of blonde hair, especially in young children, combining dark and light locks. Inspired by this look, the effect was created dirty brunette what create different shades on dark hair to give it more dimension.

Milk chocolate

The highlights in ash blonde tones on dark hair will be one of the most popular trends among darker skinned girls, to give dimension to your hair without dealing with reddish or orange tones.


The mocha effect combines light brown and blonde tones to recreate the tones of the chocolate and milk coffee drink. It is achieved by leaving the dark base of its natural color and bleaching highlights with different levels of saturation. This technique is ideal for adding dimension and movement to the hair.

Solid colors

For those who love single-colored hair, solid shades like chocolate chestnut, black and mahogany they may be the best option. You can vary the shades depending on the season with the advice of an expert colorist.

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