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Chivas will be on the verge of advancing to the playoffs, according to Five Thirty Eight

According to projections, the Herd will only add three units of the nine that remain in Guardians 2021 and will have early vacations

GUADALAJARA — Chivas will stay one point from accessing the repechage according to the projections of the specialized site FiveThirtyEight. The team led by Victor Manuel Vucetich will finish in position number 14 of the table in this Guard1anes 2021 with 16 units, below Pumas, team with which he will tie in the same amount of points and Queretaro, set that will be the last invited to the repechage zone.

The calendar of Chivas for the rest of the tournament is as follows: on Matchday 15 they will receive Just, game in which they will get the three points; On Date 16 they will visit Atlas for one more edition of the Tapatío Classic, however despite the good streak maintained by the rojiblancos in their visits to Jalisco, this time the rojinegros will beat the Flock and on Day 17, the team of Victor Manuel Vucetich will visit Tigers, I find that he will also lose. If the predictions come true, Chivas will only add three units out of nine possible in the three remaining days in the Guard1anes 2021.

Mazatlán, Querétaro, Pachuca, Tigres, Pumas and Xolos are the rivals who are above Chivas. The Guadalajara team currently has 13 units; Mazatlán, Querétaro and Pachuca have so far added 14 points, although the Sinaloan team and the Tuzos will barely play the match on Day 14; Tigres with 15 units, while Pumas and Xolos have 16 points, the Jauría with a pending match as well as the Monterrey.

So that Chivas have a chance to qualify for playoffs, according to the statistical program, Querétaro must lose the remaining four games or get a maximum of two points. Another condition that Chivas also has to consider is that Mazatlan do not add two more points either.

According to the forecast, Pumas will lose the rest of their matches, on Date 15 when they face Tigres, on Day 16 when they visit Puebla and on Day 17 when they host America; Therefore, the Flock must wait for the university students to have a difference of -4 goals in these four games, in addition to the fact that Querétaro and Mazatlán do not add units in the remainder of the championship.

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