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Chivas elements that Pachuca needs and vice versa

In the face of the confrontation that Chivas and Pachuca will have in the playoffs, we mention the players that both teams need

Given the good relationship that historically exists between the two directives, both teams have players who could solve some problems in Chivas and Pachuca, so, in light of this scenario, in ESPN Digital We present you the elements of Guadalajara and the Tuzos that both teams need.


Jose Juan Macías

After the good moment of José Juan Macías in his passage with the León team, the forward could become a great reinforcement of Pachuca, after in addition to the good relationship with the Tuzos board, the Mexican attacker could be an element That would make up for the lack of a goal for the Hidalgo team in the face of the bad moment that Mauro Quiroga is experiencing, so that between the two they could generate a duo with a goal guarantee after what was shown by both in their previous teams.

Uriel Antuna

The Guadalajara midfielder would fit perfectly into the scheme of Paulo César Pezzolano, after he currently does not have a player with the characteristics of the Brujo on his squad, so the verticality and speed of the now Chivas player could be one of the main aspects for which Pachuca would need him in the pursuit of obtaining a league title.

Alexis Vega

Despite having a great squad, the Tuzos team failed to stand out in this tournament due to the lack of creative elements in its scheme, after the injury of Víctor Guzmán, the Hidalgo team failed to have an element that will generate football for his elements in attack, a situation that Alexis Vega could make up for by wrapping up with midfield elements such as Felipe Pardo and Jorge Hernández, as well as attackers such as Roberto de la Rosa and Mauro Quiroga, in the search to be in the first places.


Victor Guzman

The Tuzos midfielder has been the frustrated dream of the rojiblanca fans for years after not completing his pass in the 2020 Clausura tournament with Guadalajara, which is why the fans continue to ask the rojiblanco youth squad to return to Chivas.

Currently, Pocho’s multifunctionality would help in Víctor Manuel Vucetich’s scheme, since he can play as an inside, hook and contain, a situation that would help against the casualties due to injury that Chivas regularly presents in his current squad, so in addition to playing for different positions, it is an element with a goal and of great quality with which Alexis Vega would make a great pair, in addition to the rojiblanco attack elements.

Erick Aguirre

The Tuzos youth squad is another of the elements that Chivas has always had in its sights, after like Guzmán, he can play in different positions, which is why he can solve different problems in the scheme of Víctor Manuel Vucetich, at perform as a winger and left wing, in addition to playing as containment, so his multifunctionality would fit perfectly in Guadalajara.

Roberto de la Rosa

Despite the different proposals that Chivas has in the attack of its current squad, the Tuzos youth squad could be a great future option for Guadalajara, since little by little he has been proving to be an element with a goal, so now With his four annotations in this tournament and not having such a high value in the market, the attacker could emigrate to the rojiblanco team and become a revelation, as happened with Alexis Vega after his arrival from Toluca, in addition to Rodolfo Cota later to come from Puebla.

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