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Chivas and the shadow of failure …

It has happened again. The popular and historic club has been left out of a league, something unacceptable for its ancestry and hierarchy. Not being among the best 8 of the championship is a sacrilege that translates, for many, into the incompetence of the Mexican soccer player. But this is not the only answer to the new disappointment of Guadalajara. Did the failure of Tigres, or Pumas, or León also happen only with native players? No, the Chivas thing is bad planning, footballers who do not have the capacity to wear the club’s shirt and a significant delay in their basic forces that do not produce in quality or quantity what they used to do. Chivas has failed like others, but that is not an excuse, because it is about Chivas … And Chivas must always be in a competition for the Mexican soccer title …

SAN DIEGO – How many Argentines, Chileans and Paraguayans played in the Champion team of Matías Almeyda? Or perhaps, not to go too far: Has the failure of Tigres, León or Pumas been settled because they only play with Mexicans?

A new setback has led critics to look to the holiest tradition of Chivas, but the problem does not lie in playing only with natives. The Mexican soccer player has proven to be competitive in many moments in the history of the Guadalajara and from other Mexican soccer clubs. It seems to me that “the secret” lies in hiring more quality and less quantity and in working on the basic forces to produce at home. It sounds simple, of course, it has to be done.

Chivas He has once again been left out of a Liguilla, something that not only his legend and ancestry do not forgive, but also the powerful investment that the owner of the club has made, Amaury vergara. And this leads us to analyze whether the person who managed the money has really made the right decisions. The reflectors are on Ricardo Peláez. What contract and who have you hired? There are several “little players” that he bought Pelaez and that they do not serve to wear the shirt of ChivasYou have to kick those out before you think about kicking Vucetich out, because they will do the same with whoever comes … and if Vucetich he says he wants to continue, he must continue …

In order to ChivasFinding another coach with your ability and experience is practically impossible. I see, hear and read many who think they know more about football than Vucetich… Do me the “gift” favor.

I remind you that those who believe they have “the secret” of the setbacks of Chivas that Tigres, León and Pumas have failed with foreign players on the field. It does not go there. TO Chivas the only thing that makes it different from the others is its tradition… You must take care of it, treasure it to the fullest.

Failure is undeniable, but Chivas must make “big team” decisions. Bet on the continuity of Vucetich, reassemble the squad, discard what does not work, look for players who serve and take risks with young people.


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