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Chilean retailer Falabella focuses on single platform for online shopping

SANTIAGO, Apr 27 (Reuters) – Chilean retailer Falabella expects to fully put into operation before the end of the year a unified platform for sales of the various items it sells, senior company executives said on Tuesday.

Through the initiative, the group – which operates in the supermarkets, department stores, home improvement and financial sectors – expects to consolidate all its sectors, in addition to including some 10,000 “marketplace” sellers.

“Moving forward and initially focusing on the digital world, our main initiative is the launch of the integrated platform,” said the firm’s CEO, Gaston Bottazzini.

In addition, the company will expand its services to third parties by facilitating logistics and payment processing, he added.

Although the retail sector at the physical store level has been hit hard by quarantines and other restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the region, sector firms have also seen a strong increase in their digital channels.

However, the company also plans to open 21 physical stores this year in the different countries where it operates.

Falabella plans to invest nearly 800 million dollars this year, in a plan that it will finance with its own resources.

The firm is also working on the installation of Ikea brand stores, which will start operating in Chile next year.

The Santiago-based firm has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

(Report by Fabián Andrés Cambero, Edited by Manuel Farías)

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