It is scientifically proven that children learn much better with positive language than with prohibitions.

This does not mean that you should answer yes to everything and let them do whatever they want, but rather try to eliminate ‘NO’ from your vocabulary.

There are many ways in which you can transform your NO phrases into one that makes them learn much better and accept things more.

Therefore, here are some phrases that you can modify your vocabulary and use a more positive language every day with your children.

How to eliminate ‘NO’ and use positive language with your children

Do not scream

Instead of telling your child not to yell, you better tell him “Let’s lower our voice”This way you will not feel repressed, and you will understand that it is important to lower your voice.

So no matter how upset you are and even if you’ve lost your patience, don’t yell at your child saying not to yell, because also, you’re not setting an example, tell him in a civil and loving way to lower his tone.

Do not lie

It is important that you teach your child that lying is wrong, but if you tell him not to do it, he may not learn as much as if you tell him “let’s talk with the truth”.

This will teach him that the truth is the most important thing, and he should always be clear or clear in everything he does, following the example you have given him.

I have no time

Children always need your attention, whether to play, or to help them with something, or with a task, so do not reject them.

Instead of telling them you don’t have time, and making them feel sad, if you’re busy tell them that in a moment you will vacate and be able to be with him or her.

Do not run

When you don’t want your little one to run, better tell him “We are walking”, and that this way they will be able to enjoy the road and the ride more.

When it’s time to play, let him run and have fun, but when he walks, take him by the hand and make him feel safe by your side.

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