Child (8) cut from the belly of a crocodile

The father was still trying to stop the crocodile

An eight-year-old was killed by a crocodile on the Indonesian island of Borneo. The boy was bathing with his brother in a river in the province of Kalimantan Timur when the animal struck, the local search and rescue service said on Friday.

Scarcely injured body of the eight-year-old found

His father tried to save him in the incident on Wednesday, but the reptile escaped. “He chased the crocodile and hit it with his bare hands, but he couldn’t keep up,” said an ambulance spokesman. Residents caught the six-meter-long crocodile the next day and found the barely injured body of the eight-year-old in it. A video posted on social media shows emergency personnel pulling the dead body out of the crocodile’s body while family members watch, crying.

The river is known as a habitat for crocodiles, the spokesman said. However, the family often went to the river to bathe and fetch water to boil. In the Southeast Asian island nation there are repeated attacks by reptiles.

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