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Chihuahua reports 583.5 million pesos in assets seized from César Duarte and his circle

The properties include 15 urban and residential lots, seven residences, a penthouse, seven rustic lots or parcels, four commercial premises, three warehouses and a commercial plaza.

Meanwhile, among the seized and blocked vehicles are a 2018 Tacoma Toyota, a 2018 Ram Promaster Dodge, a BMW X6, a 2016 KIA Sorento, a 2018 International truck, a 2013 Cadillac SRX, a 2013 Audi A4, a 2018 Yukon GMC, a 2014 International truck and two BMW X5s, one 2018 and one 2019.

“Thanks to the tax credits obtained to date, there are bonds provided as collateral for an amount of 48 million 500,000 pesos,” the state government reported.

Just this Wednesday it was announced that Duarte accused before a judge that Corral has tried to coerce witnesses to testify against him.

In a document entered in the Florida Court System, he assured that has been a victim of political persecution by the current governor , who has requested his extradition since his mandate began.

These statements were made as a result of Duarte’s defense requesting Judge Lauren F. Louis, that takes its case, that three documents are classified that include declarations of several people who denounced supposed pressures of the current governor.

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