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Chicharito has the doors open for the National Team if he continues at a good level: Gerardo Martino

Tata Martino has met with Chicharito and Gerardo Torrado indicates that there was no indiscipline, but the forward has not been considered in the Tricolor call

Gerardo Martino, technical director of the Mexican team, made it clear that Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez He has the doors of the Tricolor open if he maintains the level he is showing with the LA Galaxy, this despite the fact that, for the moment, he has not been considered by the Argentine strategist in the last call for the Final Four of the Nations League.

“Now that he is in MLS, he has obviously had a very good start, this is not an issue that anyone can ignore, so what we hope is that he can continue in this performance,” said the ‘Tata’ in an interview with Héctor Huerta in order to ESPN.

“Actually, I have talked to Javier Hernandez)It is not that I have not spoken with Javier, in fact, I have traveled to Los Angeles, only that you have not found out. What any player has to do, understand that he has to do his job and then wait for the National Team coach to consider it ”, emphasized the national helmsman.

In the same way, Gerardo Torrado, director of national teams, emphasized that there is no indiscipline for which ‘Chicharito’ has not been taken into account and endorsed that the doors of the national team are open to all elements.

“I think that everyone, both the ‘Tata’ and I have always been very open and we have said that the doors of the National Team are open to all the players who can aspire to it,” said Torrado.

In the same way, Martino expressed his position on Santiago Ormeño and Rogelio Funes Mori, forwards of Puebla and Monterrey, respectively, and their chances of being with the Tricolor, since he insisted that before them are Henry Martín, Alan Pulido and Raúl Jiménez .

“Well, in this period that comes from two friendly matches and the Final Four, obviously Henry (Martín) and Alan (Pulido). In this that we have analyzed of the footballers that at this moment we think we have to cite, we find the four mentioned above and not (Santiago) Ormeño ”, said the helmsman.

While on the absence of Funes Mori, he said that he does not think about the ‘Twin’ because he is not eligible because he does not have Mexican citizenship and he cannot take it into account for that reason.

“He is not a (eligible) player. If the question would be if I have thought about summoning Roger Martínez, I would say that neither because he plays for the Colombian national team. In other words, the players that I cannot summon, obviously I am not wasting time in analyzing whether I am going to summon them or not because they cannot legally play ”, he concluded.

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