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“Chelsea forgave Real Madrid”, according to ‘Es Así y Punto’

The tie achieved in the first leg semifinal of the UEFA Champions League Between Real Madrid and Chelsea, he left the feeling that the English team had the great opportunity to have won a victory on Spanish soil but that, on the other hand, he left alive a rival who in the second leg can get a pass to the final. This is how he understands it Hernan Pereyra in your podcast ‘It’s so and that’s it’ of this Wednesday.

“We must talk about the day after Chelsea forgave Real Madrid,” Pereyra began his analysis to reaffirm in a forceful way that “he forgave him, kept him alive and that is dangerous. Chelsea played better, had clearer ideas and knew how to play with and without the ball. However, he could not win the first leg, “he acknowledged.

Continuing with his analysis of the game, the podcast host explained that “although he knew how to break the pressure proposed by the merengue team in his defensive zone, Chelsea lacked weight forward. Timo Werner does not weigh as a center-forward, Christian Pulisic played a very good game but maybe he had to solve some plays better, with the exception of the goal. The first half hour for the English team was brilliant and, if he had had more weight in the area, he could have achieved a result that would leave him much more comfortable thinking about the definition at Stanford Bridge ”.

After highlighting the virtue of the team of Thomas Tuchel to control his rival when he did not have the ball, Pereyra said that “Chelsea’s scheme cut Real Madrid by taking the marks on its pitchers like Toni Kroos and Luka Modric very well. So it was very difficult for Zidane’s team to get the clean ball to Karim Benzema. In addition, we must be clear and say that until they got the tie, Real Madrid had not created any danger except for a shot from Benzemá that hit one of the sticks ”.

“That draw achieved by the Frenchman’s goal, not only gave Real Madrid confidence, but also sent a message to Chelsea, something like a reminder that they were facing a heavyweight, with a lot of experience and hierarchy”, said Pereyra to immediately acknowledge that “the game in the second half matched up but it was not good.”

Later, the ESPN analyst considered that “Chelsea must return home happy when one analyzes that the 1-1 away game is positive because when the second game starts, they will know that if Real Madrid does not score a goal, it will be in the final. That is why I say that the result is not bad, but taking into account that it was close to the triumph in Madrid, we realize the great possibility that it missed ”.


Benzema saves Real Madrid, but Chelsea does ‘homework’

The ‘Blues’ go home with a minimal advantage after drawing on the road and scoring a goal, so the Champions League finalist will be decided at Stamford Bridge.

“On the set of Zinedine ZidaneThe certification remained that it is a response team and not a proposition team, especially in these round-trip meetings. When he plays against teams that take a defensive stance, he not only feels it but also has a hard time generating football and also defensive backlash. But against powerful teams, play to take advantage of the spaces left by the rival. This time Chelsea did not let them, so it took a lot to hurt him, “he emphasized.

Next, Pereyra expressed his conviction that “Chelsea arrives in London happy with the result, for having competed against Real Madrid and for having lived up to the match. But he left alive a powerful rival, with a lot of experience and hierarchy, which is very dangerous. It may be that the merengue team does not play well at Stanford Bridge and that Zidane’s approach may be limited, but no one doubts that he has what to bring out his hierarchy ”.

“Chelsea left the feeling of having been better positioned than their rival after the first 90 minutes, but unfortunately, it must also be said that they did not know how to define it or knock out Real Madrid. He left him alive and it could be difficult for him to go to the final ”, he concluded.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s So and Period ‘, also includes Pereyra’s preview on Barcelona vs. Granada, in addition to a summary of the Liberators cup, the reasons for the good campaign of Cruz Azul and reply to messages from his followers.

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