Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea crashed at Stamford Bridge to West Bromwich Albion with a score of 2-5. In this way the first defeat of the London team in the Tuchel era is confirmed.

The first half hour of the game marked a before and after in the future of the commitment. The ‘Blues’ started by stepping on the accelerator and opened the scoring at minute 27 from the hand of Pulisic, who found a rebound that had hit the post and only had to push the ball.

However, two minutes later, Thiago Silva would become the villain of the film after being expelled for an ugly tackle that cost him the second yellow card, thus conditioning the rest of the game.

Upon expulsion, the West Bromwich, like a predator smelling the blood of its prey, rushed over and scored two goals in the last minutes of the first half, tracing the commitment. However, that would only be the preamble to an imminent win.

In the second half, West Bromwich could score three more times to increase the frustration of the ‘Blues’, who despite discounting with Mount’s goal, only served to make up a game where Chelsea ended up beaten.

With the first defeat of the Londoners in the Tuchel era, Chelsea are in fourth place in the Premier League momentarily with 51 points, awaiting what West Ham (49 points) does, who will visit Wolverhampton this Monday.

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