Anfisa Chekhova, taking three suitcases and one Louis Vuitton tote bag, flew business class to Miami. The presenter noticed that the flight at 12 o’clock did not stress her too much, since she acquired a very comfortable seat on the plane, where she could sleep comfortably all the way, covered with a cozy warm blanket.

In California, the star rented a hotel on the coast with a sea view. And, although America met the TV personality with rather cloudy weather, it was impossible to spoil her mood. Chekhova looked forward to a wonderful vacation without quarantine measures. It was this factor that became fundamental when choosing a vacation spot.

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β€œIn Miami, life is boiling and beating like a fountain, and besides, the heat, the ocean and the free wind,” Anfisa boasted in her personal blog.

Note that the famous brunette set off in a topical jacket with a houndstooth print. Fashion for him was first introduced among women by Coco Chanel. Now this cell is experiencing a new wave of popularity, as Evelina Khromchenko spoke about earlier on the show “Fashionable Sentence” of the First Channel.

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