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Checo Pérez: “We know what the car is capable of”

Mexican driver Sergio Pérez believes that Red Bull has a real chance of winning the race in Portugal as “it’s a great place to race”

Mexican driver Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) said this Monday, on the eve of the Formula One Portuguese Grand Prix, that if they do “everything right” in Portimao, his team has a “real chance of winning the race”, because they know “what the RB16B is capable of”.

Recalling the past Grand Prix of the Emilia Romagna, Pérez says in statements that his team spreads: “I am very happy with my progression after qualifying in the front row at Imola. I think I even surprised myself by being so fast on my second Red Bull racing weekend, and being able to get the most out of the car in such a short amount of time.“.

“Looking back, I think being able to adapt to such a different car and driving style gives me a huge boost of confidence and has shown me that I can adapt well. I’m starting to understand the car and that’s the most positive thing.” , says the Mexican.

‘Checo’ Pérez says that in the team “the motivation is through the roof.” “Because of the way we work at Red Bull, we prepare for the race weekend to get the most out of it, because we know that if we do everything right we have a real chance of winning the race,” he adds.

“Everyone in the team is working very hard to try to improve the RB16B so that we can maximize every weekend with both cars. That is the goal. Imola was a missed opportunity as I think we should have finished first. post, but I hope we can get it this weekend, “he says.

On what he expects from this week’s Portuguese Grand Prix, Pérez explains: “Imola is quite a difficult track to master and make the most of, especially if you have recently changed teams, but in Portugal I hope to be in the fight and get the most out of the car. We know what the car is capable of and the goal is to realize its potential. The positive is that the rhythm is there. We just have to keep improving our form and take another step forward. “

Explaining the process of getting to know a new car, Pérez comments: “It’s about spending a lot of time in the car. Obviously, the more work you do, the more you use it, so I analyze, take notes, talk to the engineers and see the recordings “.

“Everything you do helps you to be as prepared as possible. You can see that everyone who has changed teams this year is slow to catch up. Everyone is good, everyone is exceptionally fast. It’s just a process that you have to pass before everything comes out naturally and I hope we can achieve it in the first races of the season, “he adds.

Sergio Pérez considers that “Portugal is a great place to run. It’s fairly new to the calendar and last year was tough on the new asphalt so it will be interesting to see how this year is in terms of grip, but he certainly “thinks” it’s a good track.

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