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Checo Pérez finished fourth in Portugal; Hamilton domino

Checo did what he could in a race in which Hamilton set a very hard pace and beat the Red Bulls

The Mexican Sergio Checo Pérez met expectations and in a good tire management display, the Red Bull rider finished fourth in a Portuguese Grand Prix. that was won by the champion Lewis Hamilton.

Checo Pérez started with problems in the race when he was overtaken by Carlos Sainz, who at the time of the start went to Guadalajara from the first lap and engaged in a momentary fight, since just in the second lap a safety car came out before the touch that had Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Räikkönen, who lost the front wing and was out of the race.

Checo Pérez managed to overtake Sainz, but found a new contender for fourth place, Lando Norris, who managed to overtake the man from Guadalajara and put up resistance until lap 15 when the Red Bull driver regained his position and approached with clean air pointers.

In a good example of management, Checo observed how the rest of the grid was entering the pits, while the one from Guadalajara remained and came to be in the first position. On lap 45 and with Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen on new tires, the engineer told Checo to hold out for 10 more laps, while enduring the onslaught of the world champion.

Checo maintained a good advantage over Hamilton, but was affected by Russian Nikita Mazepin, who came out of the pits and at turn one was close to touching car number 11. This situation caused Hamilton to catch Sergio laps earlier than expected. .

Pérez endured as a ‘stopper’ as much as he could, but when he dropped to second position he entered the pits, until lap 52, to put the red tires on his RB16B and look for a fast lap that would give his team the extra point.

The Portimao circuit left emotions until the last lap with Pérez, Bottas and Verstappen fighting for that important unit and that ended up in possession of the Finn, who registered 1: 19.865 on the last lap.

Checo Pérez finished in fourth position, a place that left him off the podium, but at the team level he more than fulfilled and he left his personal account 12 more points. With this weekend’s result he reached 22 points and climbed to sixth place in the drivers’ championship.

The next date will be in Spain in a week, where Red Bull will seek revenge after a day in which they could not keep up with the pace of Mercedes.

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