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Checo Pérez denies a bad image about Verstappen

Sergio Pérez came out in defense of his teammate Max Verstappen and assured that his personality has surprised him for good

The Mexican driver, Sergio Pérez, assured that his teammate Max Verstappen is very different from how the media describe him, which has pointed out that the Dutchman is someone “bad with his teammates”.

Checo Pérez lives his first season with Red Bull and in the recording of a dynamic with the Austrian team, he assured that “the personality of Max has surprised me for good. I already knew him more or less, because we have been racing for several years. When you are in the same team, you spend more time with him and the image you have of him is very different from what he really is as a person ”.

The 31-year-old rider expressed that the native of the Netherlands seeks to be competitive on the track, but outside of this his attitude is very different and people do not realize how much they live as teammates.

“He is quite relaxed. Obviously, he wants to be the fastest, he is very competitive, but I have not seen anything of what the press says about him and, to be honest, I am very surprised in that sense,” he told Sky Sports. F1.

After an activity in which both pilots ended up covered in colored powders, the man from Guadalajara considered that things are said that are not true.

We have to smile. It is said in the media that Max is really mean to his teammates and when you get here, you realize why they say that. They say it for a reason, “Pérez said.

At the moment, Checo Pérez and Verstappen are preparing to compete this weekend in the Portuguese Grand Prix, where the two will seek to help their team reach first place in the World Constructors’ Championship.

On an individual level, Pérez will seek to rebuild the path after failing to score points at the Imola Grand Prix, where an error led him to leave the points area.

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