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Cheapest external SSD for Mac and iPad on sale from Amazon

Everything you need in an SSD

In the market you can find many options in SSD storage disks. These have the characteristic of having a fairly fast reading and writing speed that allows you to work in a much more comfortable way on both iPad and Mac. In this case, the SanDisk external SSD has all the necessary characteristics to be able to have the best possible experience as we have commented. In a first point it should be noted that SanDisk provides a speed of 550 MB / s that is undoubtedly much higher than the speed in those disks that are traditional. Although, you can also get much higher speeds that can exceed 1000 MB which makes it a much more premium equipment.

SanDisk Hard Drive

But the most important thing is not always the speed of reading and writing. This external storage unit has other very interesting features that make it one of the best options to consider. It must be taken into account that these units are built in materials of maximum resistance to be able to keep the information inside them safe. In this way it has the necessary resistance against blows as well as liquid contaminations. This prevents that with a silly fall you can end up breaking or even end up wet due to the situations in which you can work. In addition, with its reduced design, it can be transported anywhere as a bag, or in a suitcase.

Added to this is compatibility with numerous devices. It has a USB-C connector that allows you to connect it to a Mac or an iPad in a comfortable way. Although in order to guarantee the versatility of the devices, it includes in the packaging itself the necessary adapter to be able to connect it to a USB-A. This can obviously end up affecting the transmission speed since it is designed to need a USB-C.

The best offer

It is for all this that the SanDisk SSD is highly recommended to be able to buy it and work in a comfortable way. That is why right now you can take advantage of the Extreme version of SanDisk with a speed of 550 MB / s. The offer price varies depending on the storage you want to choose. Obviously we recommend that you always analyze the storage you need to choose the best possible edition in order not to regret it in the future. Right now you can find the following discounts:

  • 500 GB version: 66 euros discount
  • 250GB version: 36 euros discount

Keep in mind that when buying this product on Amazon you can have access to a two-year warranty. In this way you will be able to have the right to technical assistance and even the possibility of having a replacement in the case of presenting a problem.

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