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Chaots came with Pyros – After the attack on Herbert Reul: letter of confession!

Leichlingen (NRW) – The hooded chaots suddenly appeared in front of the private house of NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (69, CDU). They came with pyros and smoke pots, then a projectile flew into the house – attack on our democracy!

One week after the cowardly attack on the minister, an anonymous letter of confession appears on the radical media platform Indymedia. What the police already knew: the reason for the attack is the new assembly law.

“The law should serve to nip any critical oppositional stance in the bud and thus it is in line with the NRW police law passed a few years ago and drives the authoritarian formation further”, write the chaos from the left spectrum. And further: “Reul, Laschet and Co. dream of a society without contradiction in which the oppressed and exploited subordinate themselves. You want total control. “

Then the autonomists threaten: “Let’s make the rulers regret that they are cornering us more and more. Let’s learn how to demonstrate and act freely and autonomously again! “

The criminal attack did not have much success: As the chief police officer, Reul is under special protection from the LKA. A large number of the police were quickly on site, and a helicopter was circling in the air.

The state security is investigating violations of the Assembly and Explosives Act.

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