Channel eleven. They support Víctor Trujillo ‘Brozo’ in controversy with Estefanía Veloz

After Estefanía Veloz, collaborator of the program “In good faith” of Canal Once, called “clown and tramp” to the comedian and journalist Victor Trujillo, who plays the clown “Brozo”, to speak of the Covid-19 vaccines, politicians, journalists and entertainment figures defended it.

“The bad faith of the reactionaries in Mexico has led them to use multiple disguises in order to gain a place in public discussion. Sometimes they have presented themselves as expert epidemiologists, others as defenders of human rights … and when their imagination is completely exhausted, they wear their most natural skin, that of a vagabond clown, for them there is no better representative than the comedian or journalist, Víctor Trujillo, better known as Brozo, “Estefanía Veloz expressed in the Canal Once program.

“Channel Once is a shame. And of this poor woman, there is nothing left to say. Or what is the same, everything is said ”, expressed Héctor de Mauleón, journalist and columnist of THE UNIVERSAL.

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Javier Lozano, former Secretary of Labor in Felipe Calderón’s six-year term, sent the program’s presenter “to hell”.

Marco Levario Turcott, director of Etcétera Magazine, said: “AMLO’s sheep are not prepared to debate, they are trained to throw wind through the mouth.”

“Public TV used as a stick for the López Obrador regime,” said the PRD Fernando Belaunzarán.

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“What a shame! They deleted Channel Once because of a fourth-grade propagandist rogue, ”actress Laisha Wilkins wrote on social media.

In this regard, Gibrán Ramírez Reyes, also a contributor to the Canal Once program, pointed out that “De Buena Fe” is a space for conversation and criticism and “those who say there is no criticism of the government simply never saw a complete broadcast.”

“We try to lower the volume of the voice and raise the level of the arguments, because a good criticism is more accurate than the scandalous attacks and sensationalism,” said Gibrán Reyes, adding that the sections of Estefanía Veloz make conservatives nervous.

For her part, Estefanía Veloz denounced that “gentlemen who have been in the media for years” have criticized her for her physique, way of speaking, and that they have interfered with her personal life.

“The same gentlemen who for years never dared to criticize power today come to victimize who they have called ‘a girl’ more than once,” he said.

“Ufff! What a great closing of the year life has given me. I will have done something fairly well, to deserve an editorial piece in one of the preponderant spaces of what was once, the educational and cultural television of my country. Thank you very much for such a high distinction, ”Trujillo responded on social networks.

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