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Change your beauty routine according to the phases of the moon? Yes of course!

Finding the beauty routine that benefits us the most may not be an easy task, and that a lot of ‘trial and error’ is necessary. And it is that our skin and our body are not an invariable or unalterable matter, quite the opposite. More often than we would like it varies. Our lifestyle, our diet, our menstrual cycle and, for those of us who believe in astrology, yes, the cycles of the moon can also affect us, in a positive or negative way, and all of this is reflected on our skin.

So far we have taught them how to go from beginners to experts with an infallible nighttime beauty routine, and we have shared in detail the secrets of facial cleansing in different parts and cultures of the world in order to find the one that best suits you. and your skin; but the most faithful ones who always want to know when Mercury retrograde will arrive, differentiate the solar signs and know what their Midheaven sign is, were the inspiration to inquire more about the lunar phases and if these should affect or modify our beauty routine during those key days of the month.

Thus, in an intergalactic journey we discover those ideas and practices that are shaped according to the essence and physical phases of the moon, the so-called lunar beauty, which taught us that yes there are habits that we can add to our beauty routine In search of fresher habits, that prioritize our personal care to give our skin different things if it requires it at specific times, and also provide us with a slower and thoughtful care in favor of the beauty objectives that we have in mind. Take note!

In this way the lunar phases affect us

While modern science has often dismissed the idea that lunar cycles could influence our behavior, relatively recent studies have found some connections between lunar phases and our moods. For example, some researchers noted that disturbed sleep patterns are more likely to occur on nights with a full moon. What is general knowledge, never better said, for sure, is that the gravitational pull of the moon influences ocean tides, just as the human body is made up of 70% water, which should not seem so crazy that the lunar phases have an effect on our bodies. As the Moon orbits the Earth, it forces us to focus on aligning ourselves with the different natural flows of the universe, on that link forged between the ebb and flow of the tides and human emotions.

Understanding the meaning of each of the four lunar phases

If you want to better connect with your environment and find that balance between what happens outside and inside your body, a way of living in harmony with these cycles begins by understanding them a little more in depth and knowing what each one is about.

In this way, we can understand that the half moon symbolizes the ‘maiden’, young, innocent, carefree in the world. As grows to fullness, she becomes the ‘goddess’ who gives everything. During the full moon, Anything you pretend, speak, or practice is believed to be amplified in its impact. Finally, the waning phase, or ‘final’, which belongs to the wise woman, quietly graceful and resplendent in her wisdom; with a meaning of gradual deceleration.

What practices to include in your beauty routine during the different lunar phases?

Each moon calls us to perform different beauty acts in our beauty routine, here we list some of them so that you can put them into practice. And if you dare, you can do it from the next new moon, in Aries, which will be Sunday, April 11:

full moon

Full moons are a time to let go and let go. Astrologers determine it as a time to slow down, which means that our skin can also take advantage of that break. Focus on your personal care, applying a mask to detoxify your face while you relax in a bath of warm water with salts. Any rejuvenation ritual will be excellent allies during this phase; since, metaphorically, they can close one chapter and begin another with new vigor. Or it will simply help you replenish your energy reserves so you can reach the finish line.

waning moon

This moon phase is a time to focus on serious and deep reflection, rather than rest and relax, as you did during a full moon. Connoisseurs explain that during the waning moon our senses are heightened, which means that we can even take on the energies of other people. To manage this intensity, the use of a rose quartz facial roller (they help increase circulation and minimize swelling) with organic oils and creams will help calm that anxiety and allow us to find a moment of relaxation to focus on ourselves. This will also be the best time to detox, exfoliate, pluck body hair, or pluck your eyebrows. Hair growth will not only be slower, but also finer.

Crescent moon

During this moon phase the opposite. Cutting your hair and nails will make them grow back thicker, stronger, and most importantly, healthier. This is the time to opt for products that reflect our inner glow and leave us feeling revitalized.

New Moon

The New Moon is a cosmic rebirth. We feel energetic, optimistic and vibrant. This is the time to cultivate this cosmic confidence in our beauty routine as well.. If you’ve been planning to change or experiment with some new products, now is the time to do it.

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