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Chanel brought back the emo beauty look with sophisticated touches

If you thought that the emo fashion had passed away, Chanel just revived it but in the most sophisticated way possible. His latest collection ‘Resort 2022’ is an example that it is possible to retake some elements of this aesthetic that adopted part of a urban subculture during the eighties in the United States and which was very popular in other latitudes later in the first years of the new millennium.

However, the new designs by Virginie Viard They are not exactly inspired by this punk and pop rock-loving tribe. Instead, Chanel’s new Cruise 2022 collection is all about Provence, the region located in the south of France and which is famous for its landscapes, such as the valleys of Camargue and the hills of The Baux de Provence.

It is in the evocation of these places, and specifically of the Careers of Lights, an area of ​​excavations that was abandoned years ago and leaves in its place large calcareous cave-like rooms, where this collection was born. It is definitively marked by the black and white, although suddenly it gives some brushstrokes in other shades pastel like lilac, coral and pink.

As well as the french design house chose to present his designs on this site which is literally translated ‘Quarries of lights’, a formation of more than 20 million years old where the garments paraded, ‘The clothes had to be strong and in black and white. Otherwise, we could be in Petra or Egypt, ‘he explained. Virginie Viard.

The french stylist he sought to draw on the very personal bestiary he assembled Coco Chanel in his apartment in Paris, such as lions, camels, doves, sphinxes and other sculptures; although it is also true that he worked with punk and mod references: flashy miniskirts, suits and dresses with plaid prints and crystal blocks of small concrete beads; as well as fishnet stockings.

This is how the emo beauty look was revived for months to come

In the same way, we could be facing one of the most important beauty trends of 2021, since although there was a wide variety of lengths and textures in the hair of the models, those who were long enough were combed with a side line and her hair crossed to sharply cover one of her eyes. Who carried bangs these were extremely thick and straight, covering almost all of his eyebrows.

In many of the cases, the fringes also covered the faces of the diagonal models, a detail that definitely brings back this beauty look emo that captivated more than a generation in the past. However, here we see it in an elegant key, very stylized, with long manes in which abundance and carefreeness stand out.

Regarding the makeup, there are also nods to this subculture. The outline in black it is anything but discreet. Inside the water line and outside too, the eyes of the models were framed by powerful styles cat eye utilizando el Stylo Yeux Waterproof N ° 88 of the French brand. In her Instagram account, it was revealed that the makeup combined a bit of influences from the sixties and, of course, from punk.

It is beauty look It had already been announced for a long time. The House played with him since his 2020 Haute Couture season and followed him at his Pre-Fall 2021 shows and Otoño Ready to Wear 2021. For their part, other fashion houses such as Dior also paid tribute to touches punk/emo in previous seasons, especially in aspects such as the deep outlined color black that, although they decrease the size of the eyes, now that small ‘defect’ is ignored and welcomed with open arms.

‘Resort 2022’ also has a close relationship with the friendship he shared Coco Chanel with the French poet, novelist and filmmaker, Jean Cocteau. He also screened his film ‘The Testament of Orpheus’ in the same place where the parade was exhibited and he drew multiple portraits of Coco and her designs that also played a role in this new union between the feminine and the punk. A new harmony that shows that the subtle and delicate can also play with strong cuts and decisive colors.

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