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Champions League, chapter X: between the coup and the resistance

The finalists of the Champions League will not be known until May 5, when Chelsea host Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge one day after City and PSG sentenced a tie in Manchester that began with Parisian color and ended, in their first assault, with citizen flavor.

The double day of the first leg showed that Chelsea’s hunger is as enormous as its reliability, that Madrid resists because that is implicit in its DNA but that its forces are weak, that PSG is as much quality as it is lacking in solvency at key moments and that Manchester City, crying out for an undisputed scorer, is still a superb team.

It was on Tuesday the night of Courtois, Salvador Merengue, and on Wednesday that of Keylor Navas, so many times Salvador (ask Bayern) and who did not have his best performance precisely against Manchester City, lost in the tying goal. by De Bruyne and surpassed by the free kick taken by Mahrez.

Nothing is decided, but there is a feeling that there are already favorites.

PSG 1-2 MANCHESTER CITY. There are already 18 consecutive victories for Manchester City as a visitor and the one achieved this Wednesday in Paris is, without a doubt, the most momentous of all. Guardiola’s team entered the Parque de los Príncipes with their foot changed, overcome by the electricity of a very active PSG under the leadership of Neymar and who went to rest ahead on the scoreboard and above in all sensations. But Guardiola reacted in the dressing room and the second half was a totally different story.

Manchester City evidences that it lacks a killer 9, an infallible scorer who finishes his high school football and while waiting for him he is distributing the responsibility among his cracks. And with players like De Bruyne nothing seems impossible. He came back with an exceptional game and taking advantage of the downturn, or cowardice? From PSG and if he suffered from the nerves for the first part of Neymar, he enjoyed the second while the Brazilian practically disappeared from the scene.

Five years after playing their only semi-final, City has many ballots to finally reach the final of the top continental competition, which would be Pep Guardiola’s first since 2011 and after seven unsuccessful attempts. And although with Neymar, Mbappé and company nothing can be taken for granted, PSG, runner-up in Lisbon

Eight months ago, he will have to look for a real crush in Manchester, where City count by victories his five home games this year in the competition.

REAL MADRID 1-1 CHELSEA. A great goal from Pulisic, a superb command of Chelsea during a first exquisite half hour … And a commendable survival exercise by a Real Madrid that was rescued, once again, by the Courtois-Benzema couple left the sentence for the second leg, To which the merengue team will go with the need to at least score a goal against a hungry, agile, coordinated and physically superior rival.

The blues’ first semifinal since 2014 (eliminated by Atlético de Madrid) showed a group of players with very clear ideas, led by the presence of Kante, Jorginho and Pulisic, facing another fatigued and reaching the climax of The gasoline season so fair that it only seems able to keep up, in these extreme conditions, through individual performances. Or, of course, of that legendary character of a club capable of everything.


Errors leave PSG dying

PSG seemed to have controlled the first leg of the semifinals, but mistakes allowed Manchester City to come back.

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