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Chalamet eyebrows are one of the favorites for this season

The search for some perfect eyebrows it can be a path that is undertaken and perhaps never ends. The shape and thickness It will depend on both tastes and the bone structure of each one, but one thing is certain is that our beauty routine It cannot be complete without fixing and shaping them, since as with good shoes, they can make styling work or be a resounding no.

This last year we spent in social isolation made us learn the correct way to care for and shape our eyebrows. We know very well that small variations they can make our countenance change drastically, even if it is only a few millimeters. Something undeniable is that the new trends have insisted on leaving the classic thin bows behind.

In search of inspiration to find some thicker and fuller brows is that the shape of the French-American actor’s gaze frame was recognized Timothee Chalamet, so this trend it bears his name. But yours are not the only ones. On the catwalks of the great fashion houses, the feathered eyebrows, as it happened in the spring / summer 2021 collection of Yohji Yamamoto, that are natural looking and are combed up and out. In the most dramatic cases, even in all directions.

The search is also marked to make these look visibly bulging. Some experts in this department, such as the stylist Kristie Streicher, He even recommends that to get it do not wax for six weeks to eight weeks (strictly) and then just remove what you don’t want, first combing them from the bottom up and in an inward-out direction for hyper-realistic brows.

What are Chalamet eyebrows like?

The Chalamet eyebrows they are basically like those of the man who wears them. It’s about a look which is youthful, simple and low maintenance. So much so that you can experiment with them to make them look even fuller and more natural. The idea is that basically leave the natural (You can remove the excess that you do not want on the top of the eyelid, but it is very little). Combing them in an upward motion will help them look their best.

A characteristic brand that sports the protagonista de ‘Call Me by Your Name’ is that without these touching between the eyebrows, the hairs are combed inwards and they unfold upward, like a peacock’s tail. More and more people are adopting this type of natural and wild eyebrows that can become very close together, but they do not end up touching.

Interestingly, this trend It works great if you want to make your eyes look bigger and give your face the illusion of being slimmer. However, if this style boyish it might turn out to be too much for you then what you can do is yes clean your eyebrows but leave them to the natural. The fashionable businesswoman, Chiara Ferragni, He recommends that for a casual and carefree definition you shape them by removing the hairs that remain above the eyes and on the outside of the eyebrows.

Fundamental part of carrying the eyebrows in this way is that the combs, there you can make a difference so that they really look favorable and it is not counterproductive. Ideally, in addition to brushing and shaping also use transparent gel so your shape stays intact with a good appearance for longer. This product also allows you to apply the touches that you think are convenient with a eyebrow pencil, without it running, to fill any gaps.

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