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Chain belts come back straight from the 90s, but with this twist

How to attract glances in a post Zoom world? Answer: With chain belts very bright. The fact that we changed our lifestyle to telecommuting apparently caused a terrible neglect in our lower half.

That is why we must enlist towards the new normal and this means replacing the sports outfits with which we could spend all day, with another trend that also comes from the 90s: the chain belts. The new versions have nothing to envy to the ones they wore Run-DMC, Notorious BIG y Lil ’Kim in his time.

Just take a look at the collections of Spring – Summer 2021 in Paris, or browse your Instagram to confirm the return of this accessory. At Chanel, multiple layers of chains, similar to those on the handle of his iconic 2.55 bag they were worn over bulky jacquard, long sparkly skirts and snow coats, while looks 31, 45 and 49 stood out for the use of accessories on the abdomen as a key trend, with discreet belts but dazzling.

Although Versace replaced its iconic gold in favor of pops of color for this season, the belts of cadena vintage Brand names are trending on online reseller sites. Looks featuring the Medusa emblem, interlocking Greek motif, and other undisputed iconics created by Versace are fetching hefty prices (a belt from the era). Gianni it recently sold for about $ 2,300 on the 1stdibs portal).

In fact, Internet searches for a Versace chain belt are joining the growth of similar looks at Gucci and Chanel. Desire reported a 21% increase in searches over chain belts along with other keywords such as ‘hip’ and ‘waist’, among the most popular terms.

These chain belt looks have grown in popularity as the seasons go by. JW Anderson’s ‘chunky’ sandals with chain embellishments sold out after the Fall – Winter 2020 show. And later they became the cult footwear of the quarantine.

On the other hand the bags Cassette and Daniel Lee’s braided sandals for Bottega Veneta, adorned with chains, have been a success. Then there is that other highly coveted chain: the one worn around the neck of Connell Waldron in the series Normal People.

What are the best chain belts for summer 2021?

No matter where you choose to wear the chain to get out of the confinement, make sure you do it with trust worthy of Lil ‘Kim and the certainty that 90s fashion is back. And be sure to check out this selection of Vogue with the best chain belts:

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