CFE presented a false document on fire that caused blackout: Civil Protection of Tamaulipas

TAMAULIPAS.- The official letter presented by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) at a press conference, with which it reports that a fire in 30 hectares of grassland in the municipality of Padilla was the cause of the mega blackout that affected several states, is false, stated in an interview with El Financiero the Coordinator of Civil Protection in Tamaulipas, Pedro Granados Ramírez.

“We were surprised to see that there is a statement, supposedly originating from the Tamaulipas Civil Protection, where it is said that there is an action in the attention of that fire that is said to be the cause of a mega blackout,” said Granados Ramírez.

He clarified that at no time, neither elements of the State Coordination, nor of the municipality of Padilla, participated in the aforementioned fire, in fact at the times and in the ways indicated in that document, we do not know that “.

He said he did not know who could have generated the document presented, “but what we are clear about is that it was not us,” stating that even the signature of engineer Emmanuel González Márquez, coordinator of Civil Protection in municipalities, does not correspond.

“There are many other characteristics of that statement such as schedules, units that supposedly participated, the actions that were supposedly carried out, the trade number, the logos, nothing to see, it is not our document, I do not know who could have done it.”

The Civil Protection Coordinator in the entity, who after hearing the news at the CFE press conference, communicated with the Civil Protection Directorate in the municipality of Padilla, as with González Márquez, confirming that they had not participated in these acts.

Granados Ramírez said that the strong winds that were registered by cold front number 23, could cause fires in various parts of the state, however, he pointed out that in the one indicated in the aforementioned press conference, they did not participate.

At a press conference, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) reported that a fire in 30 hectares of grasslands in the municipality of Padilla, Tamaulipas, caused the operation of two 400 kV transmission lines, located between Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas and Linares, Nuevo León (where the Lajas and Güémez substations are located), which caused the imbalance in the National Electric System (SEN) that left 10.3 million users in the country without electricity.

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