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CFE Manuel Bartlett press conference massive blackout in Mexico

Manuel Bartlett, general director of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), offered a press conference for the blackout in Mexico. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and the National Center for Energy Control (Cenace) reported that the blackout this afternoon affected more than a quarter of users to Nacional level and caused the exit of operations of 16 power plants. However, damage to the national electricity system was ruled out.

“The impact, which represented was 26% of what we were consuming at that time, at 2:28 pm, it represented 26% more or less equivalent to what the Valley of Mexico consumes” …

Carlos Meléndez, director of CENACE.

The director of CENACE, Carlos Melendez, detailed that the most affected regions for the failure in the power supply were:

  • The central region.
  • The western region.
  • The northeast region.

“There were 16 power plants that went out of operation … they were 16 conventional and together with photovoltaic and wind power plants, 8,934 megawatts of generation were affected.”

In virtual press conference, it was detailed that, despite the power outages, there was no damage to electric system.

One of the possible causes was said to be an “imbalance”; that is, the frequency in the transmissions was lowered and an emergent charging system was activated, on the line that includes the states of Tamaulipas and New Lion.

“We are making the route, both land and air, to see the causes of the line between Tamaulipas and Nuevo León, which we believe is where, let’s say, the problem of this cut begins.”

Noé Peña, Corporate Director of Transmission, CFE.

He director of the CFE explained that tomorrow Tuesday a detailed report of the investigation they carry out on this event will be presented, which has no other precedent other than what happened in September 2017, with the cane burning in Yucatan that affected several transmission lines in the southern region.

“We have the obligation to provide precise, detailed information tomorrow about what caused this oscillation and the loss of networks who were generating electricity at that time. Which regions, which parts and why did it have this effect on the whole country… ”,

Manuel Bartlett, CFE Director.

He Prices He explained that after four in the afternoon the whole supply problem was resolved.

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