CFE explains that blackout was caused by a fire

The blackout registered on Monday afternoon, which affected more than 10 million users, was caused by a grassland fire, reported this afternoon at a press conference Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

After President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that a power cut like yesterday will not be repeated, Noé Peña, CFE Transmission Director, explained that the fire was caused by the effects of cold front number 23, which presents winds of between 60 and 70 kilometers per hour that stoked the fire registered in an area of 30 hectares in the municipality of Padilla, 20 kilometers from Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

The flames affected two lines of 400 thousand kilovolts between Linares, Nuevo León and Ciudad Victoria.

CFE specified that the blackout lasted 1 hour 44 minutes. Photo: special
Photo: screenshot.

Although they are very small fires, Peña explained, there is an ionization of the air, which translates into a fault between line conductors that as a final result had the electricity cut that affected several states of the country.

“At the moment there is this fire, obviously there is a fault, a line between Linares and Ciudad Victoria goes out of service, this line exit means that the flow that it originally carried is 900 megawatts that are flowing from Monterrey to the Tampico area. One line goes and a minute later the second line goes due to the effects of this fire, in such a way that we unlink with this path between Monterrey and Ciudad Victoria ”.

Noé Peña, CFE Director of Transmission

Manuel Bartlett, director of the CFE explained that these types of mishaps are fortuitous and that it is “Perfectly tested”, since there was the participation of the Tamaulipas Civil Protection.

Blackout was a fortuitous event, it will not happen again: Bartlett

They specified that the power outage lasted a total of one hour 44 minutes, and that mainly in the first hour the largest amount of cargo was recovered.

During the restoration interconnected immediately the hydroelectric plants of the CFE available at that time and that it was the infrastructure that responded fastest to this demand for a generation deficit in the electrical system.

“The system was in conditions of average winter demand […] It is the part of the year, these winter months where we consume less energy at the national level. The system was weak at that time due to the high integration of renewable generation and the transmission lines that were out of service ”.

Said Carlos Meléndez, director of CENACE.

The CFE announced that to avoid contingencies like the one on Monday, the protection systems were reviewed to provide an immediate solution and make sure that some of its 46.5 million customers.

They are ready, that they are in a position to operate in the event of any type of contingency and offer our clients and guarantee to the public opinion that we are attentive, that we are willing that our system is automatic and that in the event of any contingency it responds immediately.

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