CFE. At least 5 more states report blackouts

After in various areas of the Mexico City and Mexico state blackouts will be reported, power suspension has also been registered in at least five states more, these are: Quintana Roo, Nuevo León, Hidalgo, Sinaloa and Oaxaca.

In Nuevo León they report blackouts in the downtown area of ​​Monterrey, as well as in the municipalities of Apodaca, Cadereyta, San Nicolás and in some areas of Ciudad Guadalupe.

Blackouts of at least 30 minutes have been reported in neighborhoods in the city of Oaxaca and surrounding municipalities.

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Hidalgo joined the entities that registered a power outage, users from various municipalities made known through social networks about the blackout in various parts of this entity for more than an hour.

Around 2:30 a.m. the power cut began in several municipalities such as Pachuca, Actopan, Mineral de la Reforma, Ixmiquilpan, Mixquiahuala, Progreso, Francisco I Madero, Tezontepec de Aldama.

In addition, the blackout caused failures in the telephone service and around 3:35 a.m., the service began gradually to be restored.

In some places such as Actopan and Pachuca the damage was only in some places, while in other demarcations the cut was generalized.

It was announced that several states in the country suffered the failure due to a drop in frequency.

Quintana Roo

In Quintana Roo the massive power outage affected cities such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, where the power supply was suspended. light supply partially the total.

The first reports were registered at 3.30 pm – according to the current schedule in Quintana Roo – in different superblocks and neighborhoods in Cancun.

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As in a cascade, more reports emerged from municipalities such as Tulum and partially from Solidaridad, where Playa del Carmen is located.

The reports are about partial power cuts, with the exception of Tulum, where the power suspension was apparently total.

After an hour in various sites the service has been resumed, but the cut affected home internet services. In Tulum, the light returned 40 minutes later, as confirmed by municipal authorities.


In Sinaloa, there was a brief blackout that lasted just over six minutes, without major consequences and without the Federal Electricity Commission confirming the momentary suspension of the electricity supply.

Francisco Vega Meza, head of the State Civil Protection Institute, said that due to the reports that were received on Monday afternoon, the electrical failure that covered the entire state was momentary in most of the municipalities.

The data that we have, he said, is that only in some small sectors of the central part of the state, the recovery of the electricity supply took a little longer, but the service was restored again.


At least 10 municipalities in Tamaulipas reported damage to the electric power service this Monday afternoon, confirmed the general coordinator of Civil Protection, Pedro Granados Ramírez.

He mentioned that the most important cities with failures in the energy supply of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) were Ciudad Victoria, Reynosa, Tampico, Madero and Altamira, but this situation was also reported in Río Bravo, Valle Hermoso, Miguel Alemán, Díaz Ordaz, Camargo, among other municipalities.

Granados added that the approximate time of damage was two hours.

In Ciudad Victoria, in addition to the electricity blackout, there were failures in Telmex and internet services, as well as in the traffic lights of different sectors of the capital.

The Municipal Commission of Potable Water and Sewerage (Comapa) of Ciudad Victoria reported that due to the general failure of CFE some of the rebounds were without electricity, “so there will be low pressure or interruption in service.”

Through radio stations the public reported the large number of neighborhoods in Ciudad Victoria that were without electricity.

He National Energy Control Center reported through its social networks that at 2:28 pm “there was an imbalance in the National Interconnected System between load and power generation, which caused a loss of 7,500 MW.”

He indicated that mechanisms were established to avoid greater risk and works with the CFE to restore service.


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