CDMX will give 100% discount on ownership for cars with a value less than 250 thousand pesos

Despite the forgiveness of tenure, the payment of the endorsement continues. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

The tenure will have a 100% discount in Mexico City (CDMX) in cars with a value that is less than 250 thousand pesos, during the first quarter of 2021, this in support of the economic situation that the inhabitants of the capital live; this as reported by city authorities.

He Government of Mexico City reported that, of January to March 2021 will be awarded 100% de discount on tenure before payment of the endorsement. Through the Administration and Finance SecretariatIt is stated that the discount will apply to vehicles whose value does not exceed 250 thousand pesos, VAT included and once the depreciation factor has been applied.

“Given the economic situation, and with the aim of helping the people of the capital, this benefit is maintained for non-profit individuals and corporations who pay their endorsement no later than March 31, 2021.”

Government of Mexico City.

So you can get 100% discount on holding

Taxpayers, in addition to the value of the car mentioned above and the payment of the endorsement, to apply to this benefit:

  • They must not have tenure debts from previous years
  • Have a valid Circulation Card with a chip or make the corresponding payment for the renewal.

How much does holding in the CDMX cost?

In accordance with article 219 of the Tax Code of Mexico City for this year the endorsement payment is 598 pesos.

Where to pay the tenure?

Payments can be made from January 1, 2021, and as a preventive measure against the Covid-19 pandemic, to prevent people from leaving and staying at home, the payment of this concept can be made through the mobile application CDMX Treasury or on the website of the Secretariat for Administration and Finance: For more information, the Secretariat has Contributel on the phone number 55 5588 3388, or on the dependency’s social networks.

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