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CDMX offers extraordinary discounts for the 2021 property payment

The Secretariat of Administration and Finance of Mexico City reported that for 2021 extraordinary discounts will be offered for prompt payment of the building 2021 10% in January and 6% in February.

The agency indicated that these discounts, in addition to being greater than what was established the previous year, “are the result of the effort and commitment that the city ​​government it has with the people of the capital and a way of supporting the economy of families and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs ”.

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The advance payment of the property with the discounts is a benefit for all the inhabitants of the city, who will also be able to do it under the program of months without interest with participating credit cards when doing it in the more than 8,600 centers, which include the treasury kiosks, banks, convenience stores and department stores.

In addition, as a preventive measure and to prevent people from going out and staying at home in order to preserve their health, the property payment can be made through the mobile application Tesorería CDMX or on the website of the Administration and Finance Secretariat:

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Advance payments with discounts can be made as of January 1, 2021.

Finally, the Secretariat of Administration and Finance indicated that it will maintain the support on the property to older adults without fixed income and with limited resources, single mothers, widows and orphans retired, retired or pensioners due to risks of work and disability, through the payment of a minimum bimonthly fixed fee or a property tax discount, as appropriate.

The amounts of these benefits will be published in the first days of January through the official media.


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