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CDMX medical staff wait more than 10 hours for Covid vaccine; do not appear in lists

Less than a week after starting the vaccination plan, Belisario Domínguez nurses, who are on the first line of care against Covid-19, accused this Wednesday that they have been trained for more than 10 hours in front of the El Vergel Zone Military Hospital, located in Periférico Oriente, to receive the vaccine against this disease.

For her part, the nurse Carolina Sarco She said that she arrived at this medical unit from 5:00 am to be vaccinated; however, you have been informed that it does not appear on the vaccine candidates’ lists, so you will have to wait a little longer.

“It is practically 10 hours, I have been since 5 in the morning, and there is no vaccine for us, since we are in a hospital Covid.

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“We have to wait because we are in the Covid area, we are the ones in charge and that there is no way for us is illogical,” he said.

About, Marco Antonio Rosas Carrillo, a Covid emergency nurse, also said that he has been trained for the same time to receive the dose, but it is not on the list either.

“I arrived at 5 because I knew there were going to be people… and until 9 in the morning they told us that there were lists. There are many people who are not there, people who are on the front line.

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“I am a Covid emergency nurse and I am not on the list; however, there are other types of personnel: cooks, dentists, administrative staff who are not on the front line and already have the vaccine, ”he highlighted.

He also explained that the day before he went to the same hospital to be vaccinated, but there were no doses. It also accused that the information on the vaccination It has only circulated among their peers and on social networks, as no authority has guided them.


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