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CdMx government will provide oxygen tanks for free

Mexico City /

The government of the Mexico City will provide free oxygen tanks to people who do not require hospitalization and are assisted through 911 or in the triages of the Capital Health Secretariat.

Claudia Sheinbaum He explained that they signed an agreement with the Infra company that will allow the distribution of 25 to 30 tanks per day in the capital of the country.

The signed agreement amounts to 441 thousand pesos for the rental of 300 oxygen concentrators for the month of December, the Secretary of Administration and Finance reported separately.

“It is important to note that the rental of these oxygen concentrators refers to two strategies: one to attend to people diagnosed with covid-19 who do not require hospitalization, and the other for patients who may have an early departure, they are provided with an apparatus so that they can take home the last days of the disease, “said the agency.

The capital government clarified that the oxygen tank service is completely free care and under medical evaluation.

In addition, he detailed that there is a commitment on the part of the company to continue increasing the devices, so that the government can continue to provide free oxygen in the homes, both of the eligible population and those that are not affiliated with any public health institution , as well as maintaining oxygen prices so that those who require it can make the purchase by their own means.

“In addition to the Mexican Institute of Social Security, which is doing it not only for those affiliated with the Insurance, but also the general population with this agreement that we have attention; So what we are doing is this first part, it is going to increase, the company told us that it will be able to continue increasing in the coming weeks, in such a way that we can supply free oxygen in homes, “Sheinbaum said in the morning.


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