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CdMx. Cablebus and elevated trolleybus will arrive in 2021

Mexico City /

It is 2021 the Mexico City will receive two new members at integrated mobility system: he Cablebus and the Trolebus. The latter is already an old acquaintance of the Chilanga population; however, the new line will be elevated. The other transport service you will arrive in the capital with two lines.

The Cablebus Line 1 will from Green Indians to high area of ​​Cuautepec, with six stations: Indios Verdes, Ticomán, La Pastora-Park, Campos Revolución, Cuautepec and Tlalpexco. On December 1, the CdMx government presented advances of 86 percent, along with a public test.

Line 2 of this new means of transport is also expected to arrive in 2021 and consists of 40 kilometers: from Constitución de 1917 to Santa Martha, in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office. It is expected to provide a daily service to 200 thousand people. The scheduled date for its inauguration is in April 2021.

Finally, an old acquaintance from the capital of the country will have a new modality. The Trolleybus, which started service in 1951, it will have a new route that will run through Axis 8 South, in the east of the CdMx. The “trolley” will also have its terminal in the Constitution of 1917 and will go to the National Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM) “Casa Libertad”.

Despite being late, the arrival of the Cablebús to the country’s capital is imminent, as it registers an 86 percent advance in the Line 1, while for the spring of 2021 the inauguration of Line 2 is planned; The Trolleybus will arrive in the same period, as it has been announced that it will begin operations in April.


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