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Cavani’s arrival in Boca, “closer than ever”

The arrival of Edinson Cavani to Boca Juniors lives a crucial moment and before the constant interest of the Buenos Aires club, knowledgeable sources acknowledged to ESPN that “it is closer than ever” to being able to materialize.

Juan Román Riquelme is personally leading the negotiations with the Uruguayan striker, who has not just seen his continuity at Old Trafford clear, despite the fact that he has one more optional year and the English are planning to offer him a third season.

Cavani’s adventure in Manchester began to go wrong just when the FA decided to sanction him for affectionately calling a friend “black” on his social networks. He was fined and sanctioned for three games, something that dislodged the striker.

“He has the option of staying in Manchester, where he feels very loved, but the option of returning to South America is very real today.”, he insisted to ESPN the same source. People close to the attacker consider that “he is the one who decides” and that “it seems that he has it clear”.

Cavani’s contract stipulates that if it is the English club that decides to terminate the contract year, it would be obliged to pay him two million euros in compensation, although if the player did not agree to continue, he could leave without problem.

On March 10, Cavani used social networks to deny his father, who in an interview stated that “Edinson valued returning to South America “ and that he believed he would do it “next June.”

The footballer posted a photograph of himself with the Manchester United shirt with a letter in which he praised the English club and the “Pride of dress” That shirt.

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