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Catastrophizing or when imagining the worst possible scenarios takes away a lot of peace of mind

If you usually think about negative things or that what happens to you will have the worst possible result, it is very likely that you are suffering from catatrophism or catastrophic thinking, a trait of people who suffer from anxiety and that paradoxically all it does is increase their stress levels.

It’s uncontrollable and many times the sensations of these bad assumptions are experienced, leading to tears, despair, fear, anguish, apathy, anger, among others. It is anticipating something that may not happen, but that still hurts, affects and translates into unhappiness.

Catatrophism or catastrophic thinking in practice

“We catastrophize when the event is thrown out of proportion and we overreact increasing our stress “, assures the portal Online Psychology.

For example, if your boss invites you to a meeting, your mind sends you messages that you are going to be fired or you are in serious troublewhen reality might want to congratulate you or give you a promotion.

Namely, it is always thinking or hoping for the worst, seeing tragedies where there are none, “that everything is going to come over, that he will not be able to cope with the situation and although reality later shows him otherwise, he does not take it into account ”, they add.

What to do to defeat catatrophism?

When this pattern of thoughts has already been identified, specialists recommend distracting the mind when those first worries that are portending something bad start to surface.

Serve music, enjoy a hobby, change places, go for a walk or apply free writing, which consists of writing or releasing everything they carry inside as a catharsis or download.

Other techniques are meditation or repeating positive affirmations to yourself. that increase confidence such as “I am capable”, “I am in the right place for my talent and effort,” I am a valuable person “, among others.

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