Case numbers are increasing rapidly: Corona situation in the USA is worsening

Case numbers are increasing rapidly
Corona situation in the USA is worsening

By the end of last year, 20 million US citizens should have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. But President Trump was unable to keep this promise. His country is not getting the pandemic under control. After the holidays, the number of cases skyrocketed again.

The number of new infections with the corona virus has accelerated rapidly in the United States in recent weeks. According to media reports, this development is attributed, among other things, to the family celebrations and Thanksgiving trips at the end of November, as well as the Christmas celebrations. While the country only passed the ten million infection threshold on November 9, the 20 million mark was broken just a few weeks later.

According to data from the “New York Times”, the authorities registered 147,159 new cases within 24 hours at the beginning of the year. This increased the number of infections known since the beginning of the pandemic to more than 20.1 million. On average, the United States registered more than 195,000 new infections per day over the past week. According to the newspaper, that’s an 11 percent increase compared to the 14-day average.

The number of deaths as a result of a corona infection rose to 347,956 (that’s almost 2000 more than the previous day). This makes the USA by far the country with the most corona infections and deaths worldwide. With more than 3,800 deaths in one day, the United States had only set a new sad record on Wednesday. Currently, more than 125,300 people across the country have to be hospitalized for Covid-19.

Trump praises “medical miracle”

The hopes of many of the around 330 million citizens therefore rest on the corona vaccinations that started in mid-December. So far, nearly three million people in the United States have received a first dose of vaccine – far less than the 20 million originally promised by President Donald Trump by the end of the year. According to the authorities, more than twelve million cans have been distributed across the country so far. However, due to logistical problems and the congestion in many hospitals, there are delays with vaccinations.

Trump, who had repeatedly downplayed the danger posed by the virus, praised the “medical miracle” of the corona vaccination in his New Year’s Eve message. “The most vulnerable citizens are already receiving the vaccine, and millions of doses are being quickly sent across the country,” he said.

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