Carolina Píparo’s husband ran over two motorcycles …

“I was approached by 6 criminals on a motorcycle, my family and I are fine. It is not the beginning of the year that nobody expects.” The Buenos Aires deputy of Together for Change Carolina Píparo denounced that she suffered a robbery in the early hours of the New Year, when she left her father at home after the festivities. According to Píparo, after handing over her cell phone and wallet without resisting, she chased the thieves in the car driven by her husband and in that pursuit they ran over one of the motorcycles of the alleged group of thieves.

A video published by the Hoy de La Plata newspaper indicates that the crash and the robbery reported would not be related. “Who am I? I’m someone who saw you when they were dragging the motorcycle,” a woman replies to Píparo while filming with her cell phone. In the video a young man is also heard saying: “they ran over two kids and left them lying down.”

The youths run over were 23 and 17 years old and, according to their version, they were circulating with friends after going to see the traditional burning of dolls. One of the young men was admitted to the San Martín Hospital, where they gave him 5 stitches on the head.

The prosecutor of the UFI 17 of La Plata, María Eugenia Di Lorenzo, passed the proceedings to the Prosecutor 10, in charge of Carlos Vercellone. The cause could compromise the deputy’s husband, who jumped onto the public scene in 2010, after suffering a tragic bank leak, while she had an advanced pregnancy, and lost her child.

According to sources from the provincial Security Ministry, “it is clear that Buzali ran over innocent people and dragged them 300 meters”, for which he was charged with culpable injuries, although the cover of the case could change to malicious injuries.

Píparo’s version

Píparo was traveling in the passenger seat of the Fiat 500L driven by her husband, Juan Ignacio Buzali. The deputy informed the media that the theft occurred when the car stopped at her father’s house, at 46 and 17 in the Buenos Aires capital, and she was left alone in the car, waiting for them to finish unloading dishes. .

“At that moment when I was inside the car, six criminals approached me to whom I gave my things, pointed by a pistol,” Píparo told the Télam agency and completed: “Today I can count it because the six motorcycle jets that approached me decided not to shoot. ”

According to the Juntos por el Cambio deputy, after suffering the robbery, she called 911 and went to the police station to file the complaint, at which time they would have crossed with the group of motorcyclists in which the thieves were traveling. “When we saw them on the street, my husband’s reaction was to follow them and I call 911,” she explained in TN about the beginning of the persecution.

“My husband followed them while I contacted 911 indicating to the operator which street we were going on. At one point, two motorcycles joined the three we were following and all five blocked our path, we collided with one of them and three began to chase us I do not know how many blocks we made until we found the police, with them behind trying to attack us, “the deputy and Secretary of Victim Assistance and Gender Policies of the La Plata municipality completed her story.

Regarding his reaction after the robbery, Píparo explained to the Télam agency: “The reality is that when they were chasing us I would yell at people who were in some cars to call the police. People may not realize what it is like. the situation because in general there is fear of getting involved in these situations, but I think that here you can do it by calling the police. ”

“They ran over two kids and left them lying down”

Píparo’s version was questioned by the information revealed by the newspaper Hoy, from a video in which the version of witnesses is heard who say that the husband of the deputy of Juntos por el Cambio ran over a motorcycle at high speed and he continued his march, with the motorcycle hooked to the car, for several blocks.

According to this version, the crash occurred at 21 and 37, when the motorcycle was hooked under the car, which continued its march until 21, between 39 and 40, where it turned diagonally 73, and several meters later the motorcycle was thrown. The Píparo car took diagonal 73 to Plaza Moreno, about 20 blocks from the scene of the crash, where they stopped being pursued by several witnesses.

In that square is where the video published by the newspaper Hoy was recorded, where a woman focuses on Píparo’s husband and points out him as a “murderer” until he is separated from the driver’s window by the police, where Buzali was sitting.

The complainants claim that the youths run over were assisted by their friends, a group of 5 motorcycles, as pointed out by Píparo in his pursuit of the alleged thieves, but they assure that it was a group of friends who returned from seeing the classic burning of dolls of end of the year and had no connection to the robbery.

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