Carolina Píparo’s husband could be charged with …

Martin de Vargas, lawyer of the two young men rammed by Juan Ignacio Buzali, husband of the macrista provincial deputy Carolina Píparo, rejected the legislator’s version of what happened in the early morning of January 1 and stressed that his clients had nothing to do with a robbery of the marriage, if there was one, while showing his suspicions because there was no proof breathalyzer, and the security cameras have not yet been seen. For De Vargas, the case must be framed in “homicide in degree of attempt”. In the meantime, reports of crossover calls are awaited to ascertain if there was a report of the marriage to 911.

The lawyer said that his clients, two young people aged 23 and 17 who remain hospitalized at the San Martín de La Plata Hospital, They went from the town of Abasto to the center of La Plata for the traditional burning of dolls, and that they are not thieves. “It is proven and there are concurrent testimonies,” De Vargas added in television statements on Saturday morning.

“They are from a small town, they went in a group, even the father of one of them was in a car,” he said. He also specified that “they were guiding them, near Plaza Güemes, they were going down 30th Street, and when they turned 21 they hit them from behind.” It was the vehicle driven by Buzali. The two young men were riding the motorcycle at low speed, were ejected after the impact and suffered blows. The one who got the worst was the 23-year-old, with blows to the head. The car dragged the motorcycle.

“If they were motorcycle jets, they would have fled. The motorcycle has papers and it is in their name, a thief would go out to steal with a stolen motorcycle and the patent altered ”, continued De Vargas, who denied the version of Píparo and her husband. The couple claimed to have suffered an assault on the door of Buzali’s father’s house by six thieves who fled on three motorcycles.

“This could be the normality of an accident, but she stated things that she will have to abide by. There was no robbery by the boys, with which there is no legitimate defense: they went out to kill maliciously”. The lawyer considered that you can talk about attempted murder. “The theft has not yet been proven. Even if there were, then we would speak of attempted wrongful death. ” And he added that either of the two hypotheses of what happened harms the marriage. This is: if there was a robbery, they went out to chase the thieves and rammed the motorcycle thinking they were the assailants; if not, it was a road accident.

“There are many witnesses, there is the mark of the crash from behind, they flew over the car, which was coming from Calla 21. It is striking, because on that side there is not a police station but the house of Píparo’s mother”, highlighted the attorney. “The idea of ​​the robbery is to justify what they did, they fled the scene and the alleged criminals did not leave the scene.” In fact, when the ambulance did not arrive, the boys were taken in the car of the father of one of them to the hospital.

For De Vargas, “they made a crazy race throughout the city, accelerating at full speed, there are footage of the boys who were riding the motorcycles, they ran red lights.” The lawyer narrated that the couple arrived at Plaza Moreno, in front of the municipality and that “the secretary of security of the municipality, Darío Ganduglia, the person in charge of the cameras, was waiting for them.” The images from the cameras have not yet appeared.

Macrismo rules in La Plata, the force to which Píparo adheres. De Vargas did not rule out that they say “that the cameras were not working”. He stressed that “this is bad for Píparo, not only at the judicial level, but also because of her image, she represents the people of Buenos Aires, and doing this is of a very low ethical and moral quality.” To this is added that there was still no blood test. “24 hours have passed and they still have not had a breathalyzer test,” he said. and TN.

Meanwhile, the young people are still hospitalized. “One, the oldest, has blows all over his body, wounds, cracks … no studies have been done yet because they have been declaring all day.” The lawyer pointed out that “they do not have a record and ride a motorcycle like 90 percent of those who circulate like this, because they cannot access a car.” For De Vargas, “If there was a previous act of robbery, let it be investigated, but the boys did not participate in any robberyThey went out to enjoy the night and this did not end in a miracle tragedy ”.

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