Carolina Píparo was assaulted by six motorbikes in La Plata and they are investigating whether her husband intentionally ran over one of the criminals

Carolina Píparo
Carolina Píparo

The provincial deputy of Together for Change Carolina Píparo, who suffered a bank leak 10 years ago in La Plata in which she lost an 8-month pregnancy, this morning suffered a robbery by a group of criminals on a motorcycle in the center of La Plata, while taking his father home after the New Year’s festivities.

“I was approached by 6 criminals on a motorcycle, my family and I are fine. It is not the beginning of the year that nobody expects “, Píparo published on social networks.

The episode occurred during the early hours of the morning on 47th Street between 15 and 16, when they were approached by people traveling on three motorcycles. The criminals stole his wallet and cell phone. “They were unloading dishes from the vehicle and at that moment, in which I was inside the car, I am approached by six criminals to whom I gave my things pointed by a gun”, Said the legislator.

After calling 911, the police approached him and told him which station he should go to file the complaint. However, on their way to the police station, they came across a group of motorcycles. Píparo and her husband reported that they were the same criminals who had assaulted them before.


“My husband followed them while I called 911 indicating to the operator which street we were going on. At one point, two motorcycles were added to those three motorcycles and the five of them blocked our way, we collided with one of them and three began to chase us. I don’t know how many blocks we made until we found the police with them in the back, pretending to attack us”Commented the current Secretary for Victim Assistance and Gender Policies of the Municipality of La Plata.

Regarding the fact, he stated that he lived “a nightmare again.” “I am known and I can be in the news today, but this is the reality of many Buenos Aires people, who do not experience these situations once or twice: we have heard numbers like 7, 10 or more times in which a person or different members of a family go through a crime, “he said.

Along these lines, he thanked “those who care” and that his children were not with them in the car. Also “the attention of all police personnel, I know that many feel the same vulnerability and powerlessness as any victim”

“This was my beginning of 2021. I really expect much more from the security officials, and I am not saying it as a policy, I am saying it because it is the reality of millions and I hope that they feel challenged by all of us who feel that the streets belong to them each. day more criminals “, he emphasized.

Now the prosecutor of the UFI 17 of La Plata, Maria Eugenia Di Lorenzo, investigate under what circumstances the crash occurred. As explained to Infobae, one of the young men who was run over and dragged by the Píparos’ vehicle was referred to the San Martín Hospital, where he received stitches to his head.

No statements have yet been taken from the young people and it is being investigated whether they were indeed the criminals who had previously assaulted the legislator or were simple motorcyclists who were circulating in the area. On the other hand, it also remains to determine if Juan Ignacio Buzali, Píparo’s husband, intentionally rammed the motorcycle, a conduct that could constitute a crime in itself.

In a video published by the newspaper Today, from La Plata, you can see a woman who confronts Píparo and her husband in front of Plaza Moreno and accuses them of having “dragged a motorcycle.” “I saw the boy who was thrown in the street”, he recriminates Buzali amid insults.

A witness accuses Píparo’s husband of having run over a young man

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