Carolina Piparo, once again a victim of motorbikes: her husband ran over an alleged thief

A hectic start to the year had the provincial deputy of Together for Change Carolina Piparo. The unfortunate episode had her and her family as protagonists and at this time Justice is investigating what happened.

According to the police report, the official again suffered a criminal act at the hands of motorcycle jets. According to the first versions, they would have been approached in 47 between 15 and 16 by three couples who were driving on their motorcycles, who stole $ 20,000 in cash, and an IPhone cell phone.

“Motorized personnel interview the victim, who refers that he was on the public highway, when he is surprised by 3 motor vehicles with 6 occupants, where the 3 companions descend and point a firearm, they steal the details”, says the report .

The truth is that Piparo was with her husband Ignacio Buzzali, at 2:30 in the morning, when they were surrounded by criminals, according to police sources. Versions say that after the attack, Buzzali would have tried to follow the thieves aboard a Fiat 500 and in that act would have run over one of them. This version was confirmed by the deputy herself (see:–hoy-lo-puedo-contar-porque-los-seis-motochorros-decidieron-no-disparar-dijo-piparo-policiales)

Meanwhile, others maintain that the person who was run over was a motorcyclist who had nothing to do with the criminal episode. That is why the investigators are looking for witnesses and elements to determine how the events that began in 47 and 15 and ended in Plaza Moreno happened.

It should be remembered that the deputy, who is also the Secretary for Victim Assistance and Gender Policies, suffered a brutal bank leak in July 2010, while pregnant, when after leaving the Santander bank branch of 7 and 42 two men on motorcycles la They followed her to her apartment and shot her. As a result of the attack, her baby, Isidro, was born by caesarean section and died within a week.

Another version

On the other hand, another version of the events circulated on social networks that maintains that it was not an attempted robbery and that the driver of the Fiat 500 had run over a motorcyclist and then fled. In a video uploaded to social networks, it is seen how a woman recounts what, according to her, happened in the first hours of this 2021.

In her Facebook account -which was blocked after the publication-, the user Sara Talpone wrote: “Well, January 1, 7:30 a.m. and I did not go to bed. At about 2:30 in the morning I have to see how a Fiat 500 has a motorcycle hooked underneath while it is chased by 3 more motorcycles that yelled at it to stop. I followed the scene with my car but they lost sight of me, so I decide to go back to see if I could find the place of the accident and if there was anyone I find him 3 blocks before where I saw the car, a very injured boy and another stunned (both on the motorcycle) I asked a Civil Defense agent what had passed by and he told me that 5 motorcycles were circulating together and a car He attacks from behind, fleeing. “

The woman continues with her story saying that “at that moment one of the motorcycles that was chasing the car returns and says that they had stopped it in Moreno Square (about 20 blocks away) and that at all times the car was passing red traffic lights and braking Suddenly so that the motorcycles that were following them would fall. Obviously I went to Plaza Moreno, I wanted to see face to face the son of P who was driving. Which was a surprise to discover that the one who was driving was Juan Ignacio Buzali; for those who did not They know or do not remember him is the husband of the deputy Carolina Piparo, and who was with him? Yesiiiii #CarolinaPiparo (for 5 blocks he dragged the motorcycle, drawing sparks without knowing if the one who was driving was also hooked down) “.

In his post, Talpone uploaded this video in which he rebukes Piparo while he was in Plaza Moreno:

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