“You have never seen such a Carmen,” Konstantin Yuryevich persuaded before the start of the performance. Well, the director kept his promise.

Going to the production of Konstantin Bogomolov, one could expect that something very resonant and authentic would happen on the stage. And no matter how the audience prepared themselves, some of the artistic director’s innovations still left a lot of questions.

The Perm and Moscow guests (many came to support Bogomolov) understood the ambiguity of the play “Carmen” as soon as the hall plunged into darkness – the credits appeared on the screen “the singers will sing in French, so there will be a translation here from time to time so that you at least something understood).

Even before the end of the premiere, reviews of the audience of the premiere began to appear on the Web. This is what the Antiglyanets Telegram channel wrote.

“We are giving a live feed from the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater, where the premiere of Carmen staged by Konstantin Bogomolov is taking place. Well, Konstantin Yuryevich wants a scandal again. Judge for yourself, here are a couple of details, in addition to the photos. Jose receives a dried up used tampon instead of a flower, among the heroes there is a Jew hedgehog, the action takes place in Odessa in 1913. There are many jokes that can be interpreted as anti-Semitic. “

The critics themselves prefer not to give a direct assessment, saying only something in the spirit of “a very specific setting.” It is noteworthy that the talent of actors or opera singers did not raise doubts and questions – the Perm and Moscow artists coped with the task perfectly. Ambiguous impressions were provoked only by the author’s “I see it that way”.

And Konstantin saw this: the opera takes place in Odessa, and Carmen herself became a Jewess from Moldavian woman. The heroine dies in the finale to the sound of a chainsaw.

One of the Perm musicians spoke unflatteringly about what he saw.

“It’s like trying to return opera to where it started, being considered a ‘low’ genre for the public’s demand,” said the artist.

Many celebrity friends came to support Bogomolov on such an important day for him. The maestro’s wife Ksenia Sobchak did not miss the evening either.

“How wonderful it is to sit in the hall and be proud of your husband. Incessant applause and delight at the premiere of the opera “Carmen” !!! To see the delight of the audience and understand that you are living with a person who is not just very gifted, but who changes the rules of the game in art. I love you. I’m proud. Full delight ”, – Ksenia touchingly supported her husband.

It should be noted that the capital’s connoisseurs of such creativity were enough – for them the ticket prices were raised to 12 thousand rubles.

“This is acceptable for those people who can afford to fly to Perm, rent a hotel and go to the theater,” said Alla Platonova, Development Director of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater.

Some are already joking and remember the wedding of Bogomolov and Sobchak with a hearse, half-naked dances in the dark and much more. So it’s not worth arguing about the tastes of this couple – only a select few will understand.

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