Carlos Menem registered an “improvement” in his delicate health picture

Carlos Menem continues to be admitted to the Los Arcos sanatorium in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, where he was sedated with medication after a heart problem worsened. Source: AP – Credit: Natacha Pisarenko

Carlos Saúl Menem experienced an improvement in the last hours, although his health picture remains “delicate”, as confirmed to THE NATION spokesmen for the team headed by the doctor Luis de la Fuente, personal cardiologist of the former president.

“He experienced an improvement in the last hours, although his health picture is still delicate,” said the spokesmen.

In the sanatorium, the national senator is being accompanied by his closest family, his ex-wife Zulema Yoma and her daughter, Zulema Menem.

The former president was admitted to that health center on December 15 for a urinary infection, after he also felt an acceleration in his heart rate.

During the week, family sources had confirmed that the ex-president was being controlled in the coronary unit for his heart failure, which was later added to kidney failure.

During this year, Menem had other hospitalizations: on one occasion, he entered the Institute for Diagnosis and Treatment for bilateral pneumonia, after which he was hospitalized for a low blood saturation condition.

His daughter, Zulema Menem, had speculated with the possibility that her father could vote remotely in the session of the Senate on December 29 in which the bill that establishes the voluntary interruption of pregnancy will be discussed.

However, until today it is unknown if the legislator for La Rioja will be able to participate in that session.

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