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Carevic assures that he did not violate the regulation

Municipal Greece surprised yesterday by indicating that he would sue the Alajuelense Sports League, because the leader did changes to their line-up 50 minutes before the game starts between them and that is why they also played under protest, so they also would protest the three points on the table, something that the coach flatly denied Andrés Carevic.

“I don’t know why in Greece They said they were going to remove the stitches. We made the changes prior to the game with the authorization of Unafut and of the referees, the regulation allowed it, because a player could be and the other could not, I don’t know what they are claiming, but we were very clear about what we were doing “said the strategist at the end of the game

“And they would not have authorized us do the variations before the game, I know that we would not have done anything, for that reason is that one of the players could not be “added Carevic, who also indicated that the playerr Santiago Van Der Putten He could not be because he did not arrive before the whistle to start.

On the other hand, the technician of the Alajuelense Sports League He was satisfied with the 1-4 win that was given to Greece, a result that undoubtedly gives the players confidence to face the clash against Atlanta, in the round of the last 16 of the Concacaf Champions League.

“I think we had a good volume of play, we had not been able to explore the goal options that we had been developing, so It is important to leave today (yesterday) with four and as a visitor in a court that is always difficult, I am happy to develop the idea that we all know “, ended.

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