The image of the Duchess of Cambridge is verified to the smallest detail – for a long time she was an exemplary royal wife. But lately, too much has been said about her.

Kate Middleton is a real “excellent student” in the British royal family. When Meghan Markle appeared in the palace, she was now and then compared to William’s wife. Educated, modest, obedient – she follows her husband everywhere and complements him perfectly. Their well-coordinated tandem has a positive effect on the reputation of the heir to the throne, which, in fact, was the purpose of this marriage. Until Kate began to stand out from her husband – and this, as history has shown, is not welcome in the royal family.

After becoming the prince’s wife in 2011, Kate rarely made mistakes. She takes her duties extremely seriously – this is recognized by both official and anonymous sources close to the duchess. Each of her noble gestures and appearances is inextricably linked with William, and so it was until recently. She recently forced the media to talk about herself without mentioning her husband – and many Internet users considered this a PR campaign that was not typical for Catherine.

Of course, we are talking about her appearance at the memorial to the deceased Sarah Everard. To honor the memory of her compatriot Middleton came without a protective mask, thanks to which in the blink of an eye she became the main character of the chronicle of that day. The web was outraged: she did not remove the means of protection even in the car, the duchess went out to the people without any cover in order to be specially “identified”. Whether it is true or not, the reaction to Kate’s appearance was mixed, and, despite the negative, many still considered it a sign of unity with ordinary Britons.

Royal expert Penny Junor explained that Middleton must have studied well the story of how Princess Diana once eclipsed her husband, which caused huge displeasure with the Crown. The spouses of monarchs and heirs to the throne should be support and loyal companions, and not rivals to their more “star” halves. Let’s remember also Prince Philip – for 74 years now he has been successfully fulfilling his duties as the Queen’s husband, without encroaching on the monarch’s laurels.

“Kate needs to be very careful not to get ahead of William,” says Junor. – And so far she is coping with it. She learned a good lesson (referring to Diana’s story). “

But why did Kate’s popularity soar uphill? Penny thinks it’s a contrast between Harry and Meghan’s high-profile interview and Kate’s quiet visit to the memorial. After the talk about the absence of a mask subsided, the British appreciated her modesty – and this, in the face of a total scandal, could not help but play into her hands. And only to her, not William – he was not there.

“When Harry and Meghan spoke to Oprah, they were more concerned about their own well-being. The whole conversation was about them, – says Junor. – But there is a difference between serving the people and self-service. Real service to a royal person should be selfless. I think that’s what Keith understands. “

Penny finds it very easy to cross the line between serving the people and the ostentatious nobility that can be the result of great selfishness. And although this character trait of Middleton, according to Penny, is not peculiar, people’s love may well turn the head of the duchess: for example, on the official social networks of Cambridge, posts with Catherine are gaining more views and “likes”.

Фото: Getty Images,, @kensingtonroyal/Instagram

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