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Cantita surrendered, who is accused of being a shooters of the Los Gorditos gang

In that sense, the researchers say, It was Brandon himself who threatened the owner of the house with death and asked him for 200 thousand pesos in exchange for not shooting the house and killing his family, which they also transmitted to his stepdaughter, whom they had already threatened in advance. The man paid that sum in a square near his farm, money that according to the investigation was collected by Aldana Bay, 26, who was arrested last December 19 in a raid against the clan that also led to the arrests of Flavia Bay, Claudio R. and Sebastián A. among others.

According to the evidence in the case, the stepdaughter of the man who lives in Spiro at 300 bis began to receive tightening after the arrest of her partner in the middle of this year. On September 14, the girl was threatened inside her own home by a group of people who said that the house was in Brandon Bay and that she had to leave, which included putting a gun to the head of her older son. big girl. The young woman made the complaint and left the house located in San Lorenzo.

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First she moved to a friend’s house and then she was homeless, but the threats were extended to her parents. Thus, in September the messages reached the cell phone of the stepfather who, after being scared, asked different people for money, including his employer, to collect the 200 thousand pesos they were asking him to avoid killing the family.

The second request for money arrived within a few days. Once again through WhatsApp calls, texts and audios they told the man that they knew that his stepdaughter had sold the house in San Lorenzo and they asked him 400 thousand pesos. The demand was extended until September 28 when, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, Bay ordered Cantita to shoot the victim’s house, which the victim did from a motorcycle driven by another boy. In this context, extortion was attempted, since the victims did not make the new payment and the offense charged will be that of attempted qualified homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm.

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In an imputative hearing held on December 22, Prosecutors Pablo Socca and Valeria Haurigot accused Brandon Bay of being the leader of the illicit association that he commands from his cell, where he is serving a 10-year prison sentence for a saga of crimes that goes back to the birth of the Los gorditos gang in the town of Flammarión street, south of Rosario, and extends to their violent actions in the northern Industrial Cordon of the city where they were imposed by blood and fire in San Lorenzo and Puerto San Martín with police protection to gain territories and deploy their illegal businesses, episodes in which at least three fatalities are counted.

While, Aldana was accused of being a member of the gang led by her brother and the recipient of the instructions that her brother gave her from the prison, controlling and supervising the organization’s illegal businesses. among them the illegal sale of drugs, the collection and administration of the gang’s bunkers, and illegal money obtained from extortion and other crimes. They also accused her of organizing attacks with firearms, getting hitmen, drivers and means of transportation to carry out shootings ordered by her brother. Among the evidence that the prosecutors displayed at the hearing are telephone conversations between the two describing their work modality and the work carried out by the woman.

Flavia Bay, 28, was accused for her part of being part of the illicit association and carrying out the tasks indicated by Aldana and her mother, Erica Altamirano, related to the control and supervision of the organization’s illicit businesses, specifically related to the illegal sale of drugs, in addition to providing support to other members of the group who committed different crimes.

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The other two defendants on that occasion were Claudio “Tati” R., who is accused of threatening the stepdaughter of the extorted man from prison shortly before his house in Spiro at 300 bis was shot on September 28 by Cantita, that is, when they demanded a second payment of 400 thousand pesos and renewed the threats against her and her prison partner. AND Sebastián Eduardo A., Aldana’s former partner, accused of doing the tasks that Brandon ordered him from prison, organized attacks and contacted other gangs that provided support by providing material and human resources

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