CanSino vaccine has been well tolerated: De la O

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The NL Health Secretary, Manuel de la O, overseeing the application of the latest test vaccines against Covid-19, from CanSinoBIO. Image taken from Twitter: @DrManueldelaO


The Secretary of State Health, Manuel de la O, reported that only 10 doses of the 1,000 experimental anticovid vaccines that the State Government acquired from the Chinese laboratory remain to be applied CanSinoBIO.

At a press conference, the official announced that 990 people have already been vaccinated and results have been positive because no patient has had major side effects.

It has been a vaccine well tolerated, has not had serious adverse effects, the most common being pain at the application site like any other vaccineSome mild fever, general malaise, but they are mild and temporary symptoms, “he said.

The vaccination protocol in Nuevo León began on November 23 at the Metropolitan Hospital with patients who voluntarily wanted to participate in the trials of the vaccine.

The vaccine developed by the Chinese laboratory corresponds to Phase 3, that is, a phase before approval by the health authorities worldwide.

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A team of doctors determined the patients who were eligible to be vaccinated since not all those who enrolled in the program met all the necessary requirements.

Among the conditions that were asked of the volunteers is that they were older than 18 years, in the case of women it is requested that they are not pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, for both sexes it is necessary not to have any psychiatric or hematological disease.

There is currently another test protocol at the University Hospital, where the vaccine anticovid from the Janssen laboratory.

Regarding the trials that are contemplated to be carried out at the Zambrano Hellion Hospital with the vaccine From the Curevac laboratory, De la O explained that they still do not have the approval of the health authorities to start the protocol.

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